The Catacombs Dialogue
Fraser Dialogue


John Hug

Total dialogue: 112 lines.

The Metamorph (20)

  1. Entering the atmosphere now, Commander.
  2. We're in close visual contact with the planet.
  3. No settlements, no life.
  4. Nothing, Commander, except volcanoes.
  5. Scanner active. Standby to lock into main computer.
  6. Right, Commander.
  7. Give me a position.
  8. Can't shake it, Alpha, it's locked on to us.
  9. We're trying!
  10. We're trying!
  11. Do something, Alpha, for god's sake do something!
  12. Help us, Alpha, help us..
  13. For God's sake help us, Alpha, help us.
  14. He's lying!..
  15. Don't trust him, he's lying.
  16. Commander, we're being held..
  17. We heard him.
  18. What about them, Commander?
  19. We've got to make a deal with him.
  20. Yeah.

The Taybor (2)

  1. What?
  2. What's the panic, Alpha?

The Mark Of Archanon (1)

  1. Well, that's that, then. You've got the whole Eagle all to yourself now. Right down to the protective storm shield. Just keep it on the launch pad until the Commander asks for help. Good luck.

Brian The Brain (21)

  1. Eagle One to Moonbase. We have visual.
  2. No, sir, gravity is normal.
  3. Eagle One to Eagle Two, angle ten degrees from me.
  4. Eagle One to spaceship.Eagle One to spaceship,
  5. can you receive me? We are friendly.
  6. Eagle One to spaceship. That is the Moon. Identify yourself.
  7. Moonbase Alpha is operational.
  8. I've been sitting on Eagle One waiting to hear from you. What's going on?
  9. All of them?
  10. Well.
  11. It's functioning, but, ah, we can't get an answer from you.
  12. I suppose so.
  13. I'll go after them.
  14. Eagle One to Eagle squadron. Swift seems to want us to catch up.
  15. But they're prisoners.
  16. What is the Brain, some crazy hijacking slot machine?
  17. Yes, sir.
  18. All communications cut, they can't see or hear us now.
  19. Where's the Swift heading for?
  20. I want to be on planet D waiting when that thing gets there.
  21. Eagle One to Commander Koenig, we are receiving you.

The A B Chrysalis (10)

  1. Ten seconds.
  2. Three. Two. One. Zero.
  3. Launch Eagles.
  4. Rescue teams at stations, all airlocks sealed.
  5. Eagle One prepare for launch.
  6. We're moving away now.
  7. Yellow alert.
  8. Main outlets closed.
  9. Airlocks A through D sealed.
  10. Red alert.

The Beta Cloud (25)

  1. But that is Eagle Six.
  2. What is it?
  3. Thanks.
  4. We've got time. A lot of it.
  5. We've got to help them.
  6. We've got to do something to save them.
  7. What about Life Support?
  8. And if he reaches it, we're finished.
  9. Right.
  10. Life Support.
  11. I'm not qualified, Alan, I wouldn't know how to do it.
  12. Alright, Sahn.
  13. Got them.
  14. Right.
  15. Alright, Sahn.
  16. Right.
  17. What do you think?
  18. I will call you when I've got it in position.
  19. You did say terminal forty two?
  20. Alright, Sahn.
  21. Thanks. It is safe.
  22. It is safe. I tested it.Am I glad to see you.
  23. Yeah, but Maya better check it, I don't know too much about electrics.Do you think that will stop it?
  24. That's what it's after.
  25. Tony.

A Matter Of Balance (13)

  1. Thanks, no. I happen to be on a liquid free diet.
  2. Right.
  3. Commander?
  4. Yeah. Just disembarkation readjustment.
  5. Shermeen!
  6. Shermeen!Shermeen!
  7. We're over here!
  8. Commander!She's been here. I've just found this.And her footprints lead towards the structure.
  9. How did she get past that creature?
  10. Even though the tracks lead in that direction, could be she never made it inside.
  11. Right.
  12. Shermeen.
  13. Oh.

Devil's Planet (14)

  1. I want exact computation of time, distance and location of Eagle One's last transmission. Call it in to me on Eagle Four.
  2. Try to pick up Eagle One on your sensor.
  3. Got it. Zero eight
  4. Our scanner shows the wreckage of one of our spacecraft. We request permission to land.
  5. Two of our pilots are in that.
  6. Then we must land to return them to Moonbase Alpha.
  7. We're coming in to land. Shooting if we have to.
  8. We have contacted our base. They know we intend to land. If we don't make it, Alpha will send more powerful weapons to blast your planet.
  9. Try us. You have one minute to decide.
  10. You okay?
  11. Very smooth. Thanks to your controller. I'm Fraser of Moonbase Alpha.
  12. Thanks, but we'd like to get to the scene of the crash as soon as possible.
  13. The pilot section isn't totalled! They survived!
  14. It's impossible.

The Immunity Syndrome (6)

  1. Doctor Russell, atmosphere perimeter coming up.
  2. Approaching extremity of atmosphere. Stand by to launch.
  3. That's because I haven't released you. I'm taking you closer.
  4. That makes three of us.
  5. Malfunction.You're on your own, girls. Good luck.
  6. The corrosive elements in the atmosphere have evaporated and Alpha gave me the all clear and I came in. Everyone's in the Eagle waiting to lift off. We haven't got much time, the Moon's moving out of range.

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