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by Martin Willey

Hampa Pak picnic trays

Hampa Pak Hampa Pak Hampa Pak

The Hampa Pak picnic trays were used for their original purpose for a picnic on planet Retha, in The Full Circle. The set contains 4 orange ABS plastic trays, each with plastic cutlery and food containers. They can be stacked together, with a white lid on top and nylon straps on two sides. Overall height is 25cm, length 36.5cm, width 22.5cm They also appear elsewhere on Alpha as if it is a general storage box.

The "Hampa Pak" was made by "The House of Argy, London", and sold in the UK, Europe and Australia.

The Full Circle The Full Circle The Full Circle
Alpha Child

An early appearance in Alpha Child in Bergman's quarters.

End Of Eternity

In End Of Eternity in the Eagle passenger module.

Space Brain

In Space Brain there are two picnic sets in the shelves, in a Eagle passenger module packed with nuclear explosives.

One Moment Of Humanity

In One Moment Of Humanity in Helena's living quarters shelves

Catacombs Of The Moon

In Catacombs Of The Moon Area 3 living quarters

Catacombs Of The Moon

Also in Catacombs Of The Moon in the Explosives Storeroom.

The A B Chrysalis

Alphan technicians brace themselves in The A B Chrysalis, ready for a picnic when the shockwaves pass.

The Beta Cloud

The Creature in The Beta Cloud could have enjoyed a picnic as he travelled to Alpha in the Eagle.

The Beta Cloud

They are also in the life support section.

All That Glisters All That Glisters

The Eagle storage supply wall in All That Glisters

Original Hampa-Pak packaging.

Italian advert

From Andrea Gualco: This is an advertising article from the popular Italian woman's magazine "Anna bella" (the magazine, originally founded in 1932, still exists, renamed "A"). It is the number 28 of 13 July 1976. On page 79 there is an advertising article about the "piatto-lampo" (dish-flash).
The price was 12,900 Italian lira (in 2013 euros, about 58 euro), an expensive price for a set of plastic containers. Consider that the price of one copy of "Anna bella" was 400 lira (about 1.80 in 2013 euros). Evidently in the mid 1970s, Italians were discarding plastic dishes in forests, gardens and beaches.
Departure at 8. Everything is already prepared at noon!
Thanks to "dish flash" no more worries for the midday meal during your trips to the countryside, to the sea, to the mountains. It is a container for picnics formed by four stackable trays, each tray with three compartments, each with a tight lid and with three basic cutlery. The "dish flash" eliminates the time of preparation of the food during the picnic and eliminates the anti-ecological problem of discarded plastic dishes that disfigure lawns, forests, beaches.
The four trays (36 x 20 cm) are stacked for transportation on one another and overlaps a lid with a handle. The trays are joined to each other with a rubber strap... and everybody is ready for a breakfast on the grass. The complete container (26 height x 23 x 37 cm.) made of shockproof material costs only 12,900 lire.

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Andrea Gualco