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Tatu lamp

The Exiles

The Tatu lamp was created in 1972 by Spanish designer André Ricard (born 1929) for Metalarte. Ricard won the Spanish National Design Award in 1987, designed the Olympic torch for the 1992 Barcelona games, won the Olympic Order award from the International Olympic Committee in 1993, the Gold Medal for Artistic Merit from the city of Barcelona in 2000, and he was awarded Chevalier of the French Legion of Honour in 2012. An exhibition of his work was held at the Miro Museum in Barcelona in 1999. The lamp is made of three elbow-shaped pipe sections in ABS plastic, which can be rotated to adjust the lamp. The lamp has a magnifying glass to focus the light. The height is maximum 26cm; the tube is 8cm diameter.

White and red versions are used in Space: 1999. It is first seen in Weapons Section in The Metamorph; later is is usually seen in Living Quarters

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