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Unidentified Cast

These actors appeared in Space: 1999, but we have not identified the episodes.

UK tabloid press cutting, 1974-5

Annette Lynton. Appeared in several episodes of Star Maidens (1976), and was the adjudicator in the 1984 season of the game show Treasure Hunt . She became a minor celebrity after marrying Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason in the mid-1980s.

Possible identification thanks to Marcus Lindroos: this Main Mission operative in Collision Course, Full Circle, End Of Eternity and The Last Enemy (in the first 3 episodes she has her hair tied back; in the last she wears her long hair down and has an orange sleeve).
End Of Eternity The Last Enemy

L Sandrock. Appeared in as a yellow sleeved Alphan, probably Yr 2

Venetia Witty, Sylvia Thorpe, Jane Henley, Anita Holden, John Dove: Alphans (see uniforms)

M. Renall, Ian Flint: Medics (see uniforms)

J Galsten. Uniform pants, sleeve and sex unknown.

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