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Fanderson 81

Fanderson 81 was in Leeds, UK, on 27-29 March 1981. It was the first convention devoted to Gerry Anderson, and the organisers would later begin the fan club Fanderson. Guests were Gerry Anderson, Ed Bishop and Martin Bower. It was held at the Dragonara Hotel, Leeds; the same location for the Fanderson 91 convention 10 years later, and it was the location of Terracon, a Star Trek convention in 1976 that Nick Tate attended during filming of Space: 1999. The next convention was Fanderson 82.

The con booklet, given to attendees, had an attractive art cover by Steve Kyte. Inside (excluding the cover) there were 24 pages, with biographies of Anderson and Bishop, and black and white photos of the puppet series.