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UPDATE (2014): The official website is back at, but the episodes are no longer present. The project "Moonbase Alpha Legacy" is a proposal for a 13-episode sequel series, set when the Moon returns to Terra Alpha 40 years later. Script consultant is Christopher Penfold, production design by Eric Chu (2003 Battlestar Galactica)

UPDATE (2013): The official website is now and the project is renamed "Moonbase Alpha Legacy".

UPDATE (JULY 2008): See the official website for new versions of the episodes.

The remixed episodes

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At the Main Mission convention in 2000, Eric Bernard's re-edited episodes of Space: 1999 were premiered. Six episodes were revamped, mostly with subtle edits and altered special effects; one episode (War Games) was radically re-edited to change the story.

The edits are all based on the laserdisc releases of the episodes, so the quality cannot compare with the DVD releases (let alone the Network DVDs). The picture is altered to a wide-screen 1:85 ratio, to give a more rectangular shot, as used by film and high definition television. This means cropping the top and bottom of the scene (in some cases added regions on the side are visible; in other cases the shot was adjusted so the cropping still shows the full picture but with elements digitally moved to fit the frame).

There are also a few subtle editing changes, shortening or shuffling scenes. Except in the version of War Games, these don't affect the story and are inconspicuous.

More obvious are the changed special effects. These were either created with editing in shots from other episodes, adding special effects from other series, and CGI. Some effects are very subtle- such as using another shot of an Eagle exterior so it matches the interior, or simply to add variety. Others are quite ambitious, particularly the replacement of most of the special effects in Ring Around The Moon. However, some of the additions inadvertently add new errors.

The title and end credits were changed, with the text spiced up with rotation and glow effects, and one of the alternate remixes of Barry Gray's music from the soundtrack CD. The "This Episode" credit is gone, with scenes from many different episodes spliced together; the breakaway sequence uses more footage from the actual episode.

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The Remixed Episodes

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Ring Around The Moon
Ring Around The Moon/ The Eyes Of Triton
Another Time, Another Place
Another Time, Another Place
Collision Course
Collision Course
God's Will
War Games/ God's Will
Testament Of Arkadia
The Testament Of Arkadia

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