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SFX footage

SFX footage from the World Backgrounds library. The library contains many alternative takes and longer shots (sometimes including clapperboards). A few examples have appeared on the Network DVDs bonus disc, but many have never been seen. Episode shots are outlined in red, all other shots from the library.

Eagle lands on Space Dock. A more distant version is seen in the episode (with the probeship and moon). 27 seconds (in the WB library, upside down and played backwards). Clapperboard date is 14th February 1975.

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Ultra Probe flies across space. 27 seconds. Not used in episode.

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Ultra Probe flies across space, becoming very small. 45 seconds. Seen in episode.

s/isfx334553x44.jpg (5826 bytes) s/isfx334553x45.jpg (6273 bytes) Dragon's Domain

Scene 107- Probe turns to investigate signal. 15 seconds. Seen in episode (end of act1)

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Probe approaches planet (scene 99). 20 seconds. Seen in episode (the distant part in scene 101)

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Pan over planet horizon, moving below. Two takes- first is 20 seconds, second is 15 seconds and planet moves faster. Not seen in episode. Possibly intended as a POV out the probe ship windows.

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Ultra probe passes alien ship. 30 seconds. Seen in episode.

isfx334553x27.jpg (7641 bytes) isfx334553x28.jpg (8259 bytes) Dragon's Domain

Eagle lands on passenger module. Two versions of the shot that was shown in the episode. The shot opens with the Eagle feet seen at the top of frame, not moving and with no rockets firing (they start after a few seconds as the Eagle starts to descend).

Dragon's Domain l/isfx335029x49.jpg (6808 bytes) l/isfx335029x50.jpg (7186 bytes) l/isfx335029x51.jpg (8449 bytes) l/isfx335029x52.jpg (7010 bytes) l/isfx335029x53.jpg (6996 bytes) l/isfx335029x54.jpg (7192 bytes) l/isfx335029x55.jpg (8372 bytes) l/isfx335029x56.jpg (6826 bytes)

Slow zoom into spaceship graveyard to focus on the Ultra Probe docked to the dragon ship. Not seen in episode (another version is seen on the Big Screen). The opening frames (2 seconds) show one of the SFX crew holding the clapperboard (slate 42, take 1, 27 February 1975). The camera angle is different, but the models are in the positions seen in the rest of the shot. A flash of light shows the models supported by rods draped in black and by wires. Total about 55 seconds.

Static shot of graveyard, with Ultra Probe at centre, as Eagle without pod flies from right towards it. Not used in episode. Two takes. Second take has clapperboard slate 40 x 2, date 26 February 1975. 25 seconds each take.

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Cellini's Eagle (without pod) travels to spaceship graveyard, pursued by 2 Eagles. This is the shot in the episode. The SFX footage below (slate 48) only has one Eagle (Cellini's, without pod), and the graveyard ships are slightly different.

Static shot of graveyard, bottom left, as Eagle without pod appears on the right and travels to the centre of screen. Similar to the shot in the episode, above. Two takes. 20 seconds each take.

(HD) Second take, clapperboard marks slate 48 take 2, date 28 February 1975.

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Eagle leaves the graveyard (the final SFX shot of the episode). SFX footage is below.

Static shot of graveyard, identical to slate 48. This time the Eagle leaves (from centre out of frame right). Clapperboard slate 49 x 1, date 28-2-75. 30 seconds

Static shot of graveyard, almost identical to above. This time the Ultra Probe command module leaves the graveyard, from centre (superimposed over battleship at start) out of right frame. Not used in episode. Slate 50, takes 1 and 4, date 28 February 1975. The clapperboard slate, partially superimposed over the battleship, is in a narrow window which marks the path of the command module. Each take 20 seconds.

Nebula (POV out of Cellini's quarters). 20 seconds.

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