The Catacombs Alien Attack trailer

The trailer for Alien Attack is made up almost exclusively of clips from War Games; the other episode in the compilation film, Breakaway, is represented by just 2 shots. The soundtrack is Mike Hankinson's The Astronauts from War Games.

The are three versions of the trailer for Alien Attack: 1 minute 26 seconds is the longest, with two shorter versions, 56 seconds, and 29 seconds long. The long version can be seen on the UK, US, French and Spanish DVDs. The shorter versions can only be seen on the UK, Italian and German DVDs.

Narrator: Far out beyond our world and time lies the ultimate epic encounter with the supreme alien intelligence.

Koenig: Alien ships are approaching the base. Their intentions are not known.

Narrator: Alien Attack. A stellar war so huge that only Earth's own moon could lead the human battle fleet against the most overwhelming attack mankind will ever experience.

Male alien: You have no place in space at all. You have no future.

Alan: Force fields!

Narrator: The challenge is on. The awesome fight for man's very existence in the universe.

Sandra: Why has all this happened to us, Professor?

Bergman: The gods using us for their sport perhaps?

Narrator: Alien Attack.

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