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The Space: 1999 Fandom Resource Center (S9FRC), later the Space: 1999 Fan Activity Network (S9FAN), was not a fan club, but a "yellow pages" of clubs, fanzines and merchandise. It was started in January 1993 by George Eichler of Baltimore, MD, USA, and ran until at least 1998. There were 8 editions of the Fan Resource Guide, which listed fan clubs, websites, fanzines, conventions, merchandise dealers and a marketplace ("classified" adverts). The guide was accompanied by leaflets for the currently available clubs and conventions. There were 5 issues of the twice-yearly fanzine (S9Fanzine), which was a spiral-bound booklet of over 100 pages, with fiction, fan profiles, episode reviews, art and photos.

George Eichler died in 2018.

S9Fanzine 4, September 1997 Leaflet Leaflet for resource guide 2

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