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Fan Clubs and Newsletters

Includes fan clubs, newsletters (without formal membership) and regular fanzines.

Personnel includes presidents and editors, and omits some roles (the Alliance, for instance, had at least 5 regional representatives).

Only one fan club is still active- All other clubs here are listed for historical reference.

Dragon's Domain website has numerous PDFs of newsletters and fanzines.

Club Active Location Personnel Details
Academy Alpha
Alpha League
1990-1995 Canada Bob Wood, Erwin Stank, Warren Friedrich Quarterly newsletters, initially named Whispers In The Grove, briefly the Guardian, then Commlock.
Alpha Chronicle 1977-1979 US (LA) Matt Butts A newsletter/fanzine.
Alpha Newsletter 1976-1982 US (MA) Steve Eramo A newsletter rather than a club, there were 6 issues per year.
Alpha Society 1978-1980 US (OH) Mona Delitsky, Ted Hruschak, Dan Pallotta Newsletter "Alpha News Service". Tried to organise conventions in 1979 and 1980.
Alpha Society 2 1981-1982 US (TX) Chris Pettit, Gordon Moriguchi, Kevin Proulx Newsletter initially called The Alpha Memo, then the Stungun Newsletter. Not directly connected to the original Alpha Society.
British Nick Tate Club (BTNC)
International Nick Tate Club
1976-2015 UK Carole Abbs (1976-1978), Eileen Skidmore and Phyl Proctor Official Nick Tate fan club, with regular input from Nick. The club ran for 39 years, until the death of Skidmore. More.
Club Cosmos 1999 (1988-1999)
Destination Alpha (2000-2004)
1988-2004 France Chantal Battiston, Richard Plumel Newsletter was "Aigle" (Eagle). In 2000, the club was renamed, and the newsletter became "A la Derive" (Breakaway). There were conventions in 1991, 1993, 1995 and 1998. More.
ComLoC 1976-1979 US (AL) Chuck Raue A discussion fanzine (rather than a fan club). Raue was also newsletter editor for the Alliance. Last issue was 8, July 1979.
Eagle 1 1977-1978 Canada Curt Duckworth Fanzine.
Eagle 1
Alpha International (1978)
1977-1978 US (NJ) Karen Robinson News letter was "Moonbase Alpha News Service" (M.A.N.S.). Not to be confused with a fanzine called "Eagle 1" by Curt Duckworth of Canada.
Fanderson 1981-current UK Pam Barnes, Helen McCarthy, Chris Bentley, Nick Williams Gerry Anderson fan club:
Numerous conventions since 1981, newsletter since 1991 has been "FAB",
Superb merchandise including CDs and DVDs (details)
Fab 11
Galaxy 1976 US (NY) ITC This was ITC's official club. Unknown if anybody managed to join- by 1977 they weren't responding to inquiries.
German Moonbase Alpha Fanclub 1987-1997 Germany Nicolas Hainzl The club name was in English, but the newsletter, "PHY", was in German. More.
Hawk 1979 US (NY) Allen McClearnen "The magazine for Space: 1999 fans".
International Catherine Schell Club 1988-1997 Germany Jovan Evermann Run from Germany, but the newsletter, "Career Shots", was in English. More.
Career Shots newsletter 18
Main Mission Alpha 1976-1980 US (MA) Mary Hartery (1976), Mary Bloemker Newsletter was "Main Mission Alpha" until Oct 1976 when it became "Command Center".
A yearly fanzine called "Alpha Log" was published
When it closed in 1980, it had 500 members.
Moonbase '99 1999-2006 Italy Giuliano Frattini, Marco Ciroi, Stefano Guizzardi Fanzine was "Shadows 1999". Organised Italian "Moonbound" conventions from 2000. The club still exists as a website.
Moonbuggy 1979 US (KY) Paul Bens Jnr. A fanzine
National Save: 1999 Alliance (1977-1979)
International Space: 1999 Alliance (Dec 1979+)
1977-1980 US Jeff Jones (1977-78), Mare Fitzgerald (1978-79), John & Kathy Von Kamp (1979-82), Rosie Badgett (1982- Newsletter "Main Computer".
11 "SpaceCon" conventions from 1978-1992
In 1978, the club had 1800 members. By 1981 there were just over 300 members; by 1984 just 194.
Mission: 1999 (1979-1981)
The Official Landau Bain Fan Association (LBFA) (1981-end 1992)
Martin Landau Aficionados (1992-2005)
Barbara Bain International (1992-2005)
1981-2005 US Debbie Phares, Terry Sue Bowers Landau Bain fan club
Quarterly newsletters, initially named Mission: 1999, then the Landau-Bain Concordance.
When the Landaus divorced, the club split into two, the Martin Landau Aficionados, and the Barbara Bain International, with bimonthly newsletters, produced by Bowers. More
Omicorn 1977-1980 UK Tracey Cooke, Dallas Hadaway A Star Trek club (the 2nd largest in the UK) that was mistakenly listed in Look-In comic as a 1999 club. The response encouraged club president Cooke to create a 1999 section. More.
Prentis Hancock fan club 1980-1982 US (PA) Mare Ganea Fitzgerald Actor fan club; most of the fan fiction related to Space: 1999. More.
Psychon 100 Society 1978-1980 US (MA) Mary Bloemker Focus on Maya and Psychon society. Bloemker was simultaneously running Main Mission Alpha.
Reconnaissance Newsletter/ Reconnaissance Quarterly 1980?-1983 US (OR) Anthony Wynn More
Reconnaissance Quarterly
S.P.A.C.E. (Space Programmes Appreciators Club Earth) (1977-1980)
Space 1999 Fan Club (1980-1981)
1977-1981 UK George Shoesmith, Lynn Shoesmith 1999 focused, but covering other science fiction TV. In Autumn 1980, they were licensed by ITC as the official 1999 club. Only 3 issues were produced before it disappeared. The club had 600 members.
Space 1999 Fan Activity Network (S9FAN) 1993-1998 US (MD) George Eichler Not a fan club, but rather an information resource for fans, publishing 8 issues of the Resource Guide, listing clubs, fanzines, conventions and dealers. There were also five issues of a fanzine, S9Fanzine More
Springfield Space: 1999 Club 1977-1979 US (MA) Chris Landry Newsletter "Alpha Log". Published a 1979 fanzine "The Space: 1999 Year 3 Guidebook".

Compiled by Martin Willey