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Alpha Society Two

"Alpha Society" was formed in 1978 in order to run a 1979 convention in New York. It was a splinter group to the main club, the National Space: 1999 Alliance, which ran successful conventions from 1978. The convention didn't happen in 1979, or in 1980. Membership collapsed in 1980, and the club closed.

In 1981, Chris Pettit, from San Antonio, Texas, resurrected the club as "The Alpha Society Two". The quarterly newsletter was named "Alpha Memo" for issue 1, then "the Stun Gun newsletter" from issue 2 ("Alpha Memo" was used by someone else). The club intended to run a convention in 1982, but it was cancelled after date changes made it too close to the SpaceCon V convention by the International Space:1999 Alliance.

With issue 3, Gordon Moriguchi became vice-president and Kevin Proulx became editor, with help from Tony Wynn. The last issue was number 6, due to lack of renewing members.

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