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Alpha League

The club was originally founded by Robert Wood in 1990, called "Academy Alpha". The newsletter was "Whispers In The Grove". For issue 3 the club was renamed "Alpha League" and the newsletter "The Guardian". In 1991 Erwin Stank joined as co-president and editor, and the 4th edition of the newsletter became "Commlock". Promoting the club, and an increased page count, left the club in financial difficulties in 1991. In 1994, with issue 16, Stank left and Warren Friedrich became editor. The last issue was 20, in August 1995. A fan fiction fanzine, "Alpha Duet", with stories by Terry Bowers and Kerry Keene, was published in 1990.

Wood later wrote the books The Future is Fantastic! (2001), Destination Moonbase Alpha (2009) and To Everything That Might Have Been (2022).

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