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Space 1999- The Future Is Fantastic! by Robert E Wood

The Future Is Fantastic! (thanks James Poll)

Trafford Publishing, Canada 2001-2002 (US$29.95)

416 pp, cover by Catherine Bujold

Extensive reviews of all 48 episodes and Message From Moonbase Alpha; detailed cast lists for every episode; year 1 filming schedule; commentary from Landau, Bain, Morse, Schell, Merton, Tate, Hancock, Phillips, Byrne, Penfold, Freiberger, Wilson.

The Future Is Fantastic is based on commentary by the actors and production crew, as well as Wood's own discussion. Useful as a reference, invaluable as commentary.

Withdrawn from publication in Feb 2002, apparently due to copyright problems.

The Future Is Fantastic! back cover (thanks James Poll)


Destination Moonbase Alpha by Robert E Wood

Destination Moonbase Alpha (2009)

Telos Publishing, UK 26 January 2010 (delayed from September 2009)(£12.99). Website
490pp. A5 paperback book. ISBN 978-1-84583-034-2
Kindle e-book (with updated text), 10 January 2014.

Subtitled "The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Space: 1999". Similar in format to the earlier Future Is Fantastic (2001) book by Wood, the book examines each episode in turn, with detailed reviews, observations and comprehensive quotes from actors and crew.

Destination Moonbase Alpha is the most comprehensive book ever published on Space 1999, including extensive cast lists and detailed reviews of all 48 episodes, as well as the Message from Moonbase Alpha short film. Destination Moonbase Alpha tells the incredible story of the making of a science fiction classic, told by the actors, writers and production crew who created it.
This is the essential guide to Space: 1999 - from critical reaction then and now, through the triumphant 35 year odyssey of Moonbase Alpha since the show debut in 1975 and finally to writer Johnny Byrne's concepts for the return of the series.
"It's a must-have for every Space: 1999 fan - a page-turner packed with facts and informed opinion and seasoned with spicy scuttlebutt." Prentis Hancock, co-star of Space: 1999

Cover art by Iain Robertson. Contents:

Cosmos 1999, Le Fabulaire de l'Espace by Didier Liardet

Le Fabulaire de l'Espace

Editions Yris, France, 20th October 2014 (€22).
256 pages, 300 photos, 17 cm x 25 cm. ISBN 978-2-912215-35-2

The publisher Yris published several books by Liardet in their "Télévision en Séries" series, covering 1960s and early 1970s US and British fantasy/adventure series. It is not authorized by ITV.

The book follows the well-established format of describing the history of the series, profiles of cast, episode guides, and in the annexes, a merchandise guide. Most pages have photos, some in colour; the merchandise guide is particularly well illustrated. The history, actor profiles and episode pages have extensive lists of credits, with French titles and directors noted. Episode guides give story summary, first broadcast dates for ATV (UK) and France, plus a full cast list and notes on the episodes and the cast. The episodes are described following the ATV order (not the production order or French TV order).

SFX crew includes names who only worked briefly on the show Death's other Dominion Exiles

The information is comprehensive, but doesn't uncover anything new. All the information can be found publicly in the Catacombs website, and sometimes Liardet seems to be copying crew names from the Catacombs (people left and joined throughout the series, so it's more complicated that the text describes). Some of the photos, possibly most, are from the Catacombs, some with tell-tale edits, but none are credited. Most blatant is a full-page picture of Brian Johnson and the Meta Probe, which is a composite made by Dean Scott that cuts off the Meta Probe nose cone. A few photos have inaccurate captions, but overall Liardet seems to know the series well.

Dean Scott composite photo Misattributed Exiles photo Merchandise guide Back cover


Space: 1999 - Episode by Episode (et al), ed Petter Ogland

Space: 1999 - Episode by Episode

Lulu Press (self-published), 2014+

Various self-published titles edited by Petter Ogland and the pseudonymous "John K Balor".

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Destinazione Obbligata: Alpha by Giuseppe Turdo

Destinazione Obbligata: Alpha by Giuseppe Turdo

Topes Edizioni, 11 April 2015 €19.99
464 pages, paperback, 6" x 8.26" (15cm x 21cm), ISBN 978-1-36-21675-7

Italian text. Episodes are described in the original Italian broadcast order, with both UK and Italian broadcast dates, full cast list, plot, notes, comments by cast, review. star rating (out of 5). Format, cast lists and cast comments are closely based on Robert Wood's Destination Moonbase Alpha (2010). The cast comments are translated into Italian, sometimes abbreviated, and there are some additional cast comments from other sources. The plot, notes and review seem to be original, but naturally make similar points.


Modelling: 1999

Happy Medium Press, UK, 13 September 2016
100 pages, softcover, 30cm x 21cm, £8.99

Magazine-format special from Sci-fi & fantasy modeller magazine (and the previous title Sci-fi & fantasy models).

Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual by Chris Thompson and Andrew Clements

Anderson Entertainment, UK, 17 December 2021, £34.99
272 pages, hardcover, 300 x 230 x 25 mm

Technical Operations Manual

The book is an updated version of the Starlog Technical Notebook (like the Keith Young fan blueprints) with digital illustrations and photos in a glossy coffee-table book format. The text is an "in-universe" description, with post-breakaway addenda (see also my own Operations Guide, originally 1980s). It concentrates on Earth technology, with little or no aliens, alien planets or craft covered (possibly material for a second volume).

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To Everything That Might Have Been: The Lost Universes of Space: 1999 by David Hirsch and Robert E Wood with Christopher Penfold

To Everything That Might Have Been

Telos, UK, 18 March 2022 £16.99
324 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-84583-196-7

The book contains black and white photographs.

Hirsch wrote the Starlog Technical Notebook in 1977 (his first professional writing) and became an editor for Starlog. Wood wrote Starlog Space 1999- The Future Is Fantastic! (2001) and Destination Moonbase Alpha (2009, also published by Telos)

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Space: 1999 The Vault by Chris Bentley

The Vault

Signum Books, UK, 6 June 2022 (was 29 October 2021, 25 February 2022, May 2022)
224 pages, hardcover, 270 x 230 mm, £29.99

The format is essentially a scrapbook of photos, production material and merchandise. There are two pages on each episode (plus Into Infinity), alternating with short articles about different aspects of the series, such as effects, set design, costumes, furniture and decor, original props. and merchandise.

"This definitive and fully authorised book includes a wealth of previously unpublished images - including new shots of original studio models and vintage merchandise. "

Originally planned for October 2021, the pandemic delayed production, so it was rescheduled for 2022 with 16 extra pages (from 208 to 224 pages).

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