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Omicorn was a Star Trek fan club started in July 1976 by Tracey Cooke, of Bristol, UK. The club name was a typo (it should have been "Omicron"), but it stuck. In 1977, the children's comic Look-In included the club in a list of fan clubs- under Space: 1999. After several hundred letters, Cooke added a 1999 section in 1978. Nick Tate became an honorary member (alongside Gene Roddenberry and George Takei). Later Tony Anholt and Dave Prowse also became an honorary member (Prowse's mother lived a few doors down from Cooke).

In 1979 Dallas Hadaway took over the Space: 1999 section. The club now had 500 members, and was the second largest Star Trek fan club in the UK. A Space: 1999 fanzine called Moonquest was published in November 1979. In 1980 the club closed, as Cooke no longer had time to devote to it.

The front cover was Star Trek art; the 1999 section had its own art (and recycled some art in several issues).


Published in November 1979.

Space: 1999 copyright ITV Studios Global Entertainment