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Compiled by Martin Willey

Geoff Wright's "Mini-Mag" is one of the earliest fanzines/ fan clubs, produced in the UK in 1978. In common with many early efforts, the production standards were low- but these were produced by teenagers (or younger), with virtually no money and primitive resources (usually mimeographs from stencils rather than photocopies). At the end of the 1970s Geoff moved to Australia; the fanzine ran on a couple of issues under another editor before disappearing.

Typically for most fan publications, the schedule was erratic, changing between monthly, bimonthly and several double or even triple issues. Even the title changed- originally it was "Space: 1999 Magazine Advanced Supplement " then the "Mini-Mag" (starting at number 2). Page counts ranged from 4 pages to 8 pages, with the December 1978 triple issue reaching 30. There were about 90 subscribers, mostly in the UK.

MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag

At this stage, few fans had seen all the episodes, so pages listing episode title, guest stars or titles of the novels were regarded as valuable. Gary Gerani's series article from the book Fantastic Television was reprinted, and fans wrote rebuttals of his criticisms. Although typing and editing left a lot to be desired, there were fascinating early interviews with Zienia Merton, Nick Tate and Tony Anholt. Among the more interesting contents below are Geoff's letters to Lew Grade and the account of his telephone call tp Gerry Anderson, and an account of the first Space: 1999 convention in Columbus Ohio in July 1978.

MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag

There was also some terrific artwork, particularly by Alan Vince and Martin East among others.

MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag MiniMag

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