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Eagle Models: Eaglemoss Eagles
Compiled by Martin Willey

Eagle Side Boosters (Eaglemoss)

This Eagle has four side boosters, as seen in New Adam New Eve.

Eaglemoss announced the second model in the series in May 2021, at the same time as the first model. It was announced for August release, pushed back to September, and finally released in October. The third Eagle was announced in June, also for September release.


The box is similar in design to the first model, with grey instead of blue sections.


It has exactly the same booklet as the first model. This is disappointing; they should at least have summarised New Adam New Eve and explained how the boosters were used in the story.


This is the same Eagle Transporter as before, with the same strengths and flaws, with the addition of the side boosters.

The boosters are generally accurate. Two obvious flaws are the rocket nozzles are too small, and the asymmetric pipe detail on the front and rear boosters is mirrored (they should be identical; the front one is correct).


Sixteen 12 released their New Adam New Eve Eagle set in 2018. While the Sixteen 12 boosters are magnetic and detachable, the Eaglemoss boosters are fixed in position. Sixteen 12 also got the rocket nozzle size better (maybe slightly too big), and the asymmetric pipe detail was correct too.


Copyright Martin Willey. Pictures thanks to Gordon Moriguchi