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Eagle Models: Centuri Flying Rocket Eagle
Compiled by Martin Willey

Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

Centuri Catalogues

The Space: 1999 Eagle was included in the Centuri product catalogues from 1976 to 1978, disappearing from the 1979 catalogue. It was the cover feature of the 2nd and 3rd 1976 catalogues (No.762 and 763).

1976 Catalogue 762

Now Centuri proudly brings you the true flying version of the fabulous "Eagle Transporter", as seen on television's number one science fiction show! "SPACE; 1999", the most expensive adventure series ever made for TV is exposing millions of people to the exciting possibilities of the future we now entering. You can join the future NOW by building and launching your own semi-scale replica.

The "Eagle" is a multi-purpose space vehicle of the future, in the "SPACE:1999" show. Every episode features it in action-packed scenes, with incredible special effects work.

The "Eagle Transporter" is scaled from official prints ... Only minor changes have been made to allow atmospheric model rocket flight.

The Kit

The Centuri "Eagle Transporter" is truly a revolutionary concept ... the first model rocket made almost entirely from plastic blow-molded parts. This engineered design allows rapid assembly, but the "Eagle Transparter" is definitely more challenging to build than a "Screaming Eagle" ... it's a different kind of bird!

The kit includes easy to follow instructions plus an information-packed data sheet about the real "Eagle" and the "SPACE:1999" show. Requires white glue, plastic glue, and standard model rocket tools (modeling knife, pencil, spray paint).

The Outfit

A complete starter set; gets the beginner into model rocketry fast! Includes all items needed for assembly and launching four times: Eagle Transporter Kit, deluxe version Powr-Pad launch system, 4 engines, igniters, chute wadding, complete instructions, mini-manual and white glue. Everything you need get started, except launcher battery, plastic glue and standard model rocket tools. Once you have this outfit, you are in the rocket business!

1976 Catalogue 763

1977 Catalogue 771

Centuri proudly brings the only true flying version of the fabulous "Eagle Transporter" seen on TV's number one science fiction show!

1977 Catalogue 772

Rocket Times

Rocket Times was the "Official Centuri magazine of factory direct news", sent out with mail-order shipments.

1976 Spring/Summer

Page 2 had a set of photos from the series.

This issue we are suspending the usual news, letter column and Cartoon Contest (they'll all be back next issue) to bring you these shots from the Space: 1999 TV Show. If you have not yet seen it, do yourself a favour and find out what channel slot it's on in your area. The show is syndicated so it appears at different times in various parts of the country. AS we go to press, we just received official word that filming has started on 24 more episodes for next season. Some dramatic changes will be made including a new major character ... one that may blow your mind!

1976 Fall/Winter

The Eagle was the cover photo.

Space: 1999 is on the air again with 24 new episodes, at a time when many other TV shows are not getting a second season. This may be the first TV show to publicly admit its weaknesses and then change them.

Major changes this season are:

Any TV show that jolts viewers out of predictable patterns takes time to become familiar. Right now there is a large group of "Trekkers" who can't forget a show long gone from network TV. We predict that years from now Space:1999 too will have its nostalgic following. What will we call them? "Spacers"?

Anyone interested in fan clubs, stars addresses, photos etc, is invited to write to Joe Fusco, Space:1999, Independent Television Corp., 555 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022. Tell him Centuri sent you.

1978 Spring/Summer

"Kneagle" kit bashing contest was a competition in which you had to buy either the Eagle or the Evel Knievel Sky Cycle rocket and customise it.

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