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Dinky Eagle Models
Compiled by Martin Willey

Space Eagle

A strange craft appears out of the blackness of space and lands, amid a cloud of dust, on a bleak lunar landscape. The craft is called the Eagle Transporter, and it has just landed at "Moonbase Alpha"...
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This feature is from the UK children's magazine Speed And Power, issue 71 (dated 25 July-1 August 1975, before the series was released). Thanks to Shaqui and Kim Stevens.

The exciting Gerry Anderson story will be set in the not too distant future - year 1999 in fact- and will revolve around people working on the Moon when a nuclear explosion rips it in half. One part of the Moon is sent hurtling into space; the start of many adventures for those trapped on it.
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Note the all white Dinky Eagle is one picture (Dinky never produced a white Eagle with white pod - or detachable "Moonbase" container; the Eagle body is the Freighter version).

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Shaqui and Kim Stevens.