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Larami Toys
Compiled by Martin Willey

Alha Flicks (Larami)

Larami Toys produced these "Alpha Flicks" in two different packages: Alpha Flicks and Alpha Flicks And Stamping Set. The "television sets" were slightly different (round versus square) but had the same picture (three Eagles, a model shot of the 3 different scales together) and the same mechanism, two side dials that wound the paper roll to move the story. The same two stories were in both sets. The story reels were stored in cardboard tubes, the exteriors decorated with the series logo and colour photos, mostly of astronauts.

Alpha Flicks Alpha Flicks And Stamping Set

The stories were "The Phantom Planet" (captions: "John! Look out!" "Zarp! Scroom! Another transformation..." "Now it's ancient Rome..." "It doesn't really exist at all!") and "The Atomic Monster" ("Cosmic rays have no effect!" "That halo means radiation!" "Only the glacier gun will work..." "That'll keep him on ice!"). Each story has 13 very crude artwork pictures.

"The Atomic Monster" has two captions marked "(art element)", and the only known use of Alpha's "glacier gun". The Alphan doing the experiment looks like Bergman, and as he dies in this story this would explain his absence in Year 2.

"The Phantom Planet" starts with a recognisable Eagle picture, but then shows two other Alpha spaceships which are nothing like anything from the show. Koenig has a uniform with green stripes, and ancient Rome is represented by a parrot silhouette.

The Atomic Monster

The Phantom Planet

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