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Video: USA Home Video
Compiled by Martin Willey

This is the introduction and conclusion that Sybil Danning gave on the USA Home Video release Alien Attack.

The video begins with a medium shot of Danning in her "space outfit" clutching a gun.

Welcome aboard, star gazers. I'm Sybil Danning, your warp speed host for this adventure where no video has gone before. Because we're ready to beam into the very near future. Past the outer limits. In Space: 1999. Just in time for the Alien Attack. In our fantastic voyage in starship Adventure Video.

Imagine you're on Moonbase Alpha. Surrounded by the unknown. The Universe might look empty. But you know better. And then you're blasted out of orbit and into that darkness. Separated from planet Earth. So everybody thinks you're dead. You're desperately seeking somewhere, some new home planet, for you and your friends. Somewhere that will take you in. Not take you out!

But first you must stare straight into your own dark soul, to face all its fears, monsters, more deadly that an robot or bug eyed freak. And your own fear might seal your doom. We'll test your right to call yourself human. Your right to live, and the real power of your love.

It's up to you. Whether your ticket is still round trip. Or just one way. Lean back and let me strap you down. And brace yourself for some dramatic G forces. As we launch into the not so friendly skies of Adventure Video. For Space 1999 Alien Attack. I'll wait here for you to beam back.

A close up of Danning's silver boot. We rise to look at her sneering at us.

Perfect three-point landing. The only weapon you need is your courage. Remember. When holes look blackest, if you still got somebody who loves you, you'll sail through any galaxy up there. I'm glad you're back.

And now you can join me for some one to one exploring. We'll start with our twilight zones. Ah, don't unzip your flight suit just yet, you space cadet. We have more dangerous visions ahead, on our other Adventure Video titles.

(truly awful trailers for Rush, Killing Machine and Mad Frank, Crazy Tony)

Until then I'm returning control to you. But remember. You're not alone. Because you and I can have all the close encounters we want. On Adventure Video.

The introduction on the USA Home Video release Journey Through The Black Sun.

May the Enforcer be with you. I'm Sybil Danning. Your sky pilot for this voyage into Adventure Video. As we plunge ahead on through the dark stars of Space: 1999. For a death defying journey through the black sun.

Imagine you're coasting out of control. Through Outer Space. Just you and your friends. You're on the road to nowhere. Because you're about to disappear. Into the biggest galactic vacuum cleaner around. The black sun. No doubt about it. This place sucks.

By the time it turns you over, under, sideways, down, you'll look like the 3D version of a Picasso painting. To make matters worse, you'll bump into some other space cadets. And you don't know whether they'll save your ass-teroid, or turn you into moonmush. Look at it from the bright side. If you survive this fantastic flight through the little giant sized Hoover, you'll be born again. Hmmm. Personally, I've always wished you could have three of everything.

So get ready for the leap into hyperspace. You and I are about to have a real war of the worlds. When you're done, be sure and look me up. On the dark side of the Moon.

Now that's what I call duel in the sun. It just goes to show you never know who your friends are. But you can always depend on me. To be more than just a friend. Whether you're spaced out. Or just docking around. After we blast each other off, let's rendezvous here again. For some silent running through other exclusive titles available on Adventure Video.

More awful trailers for The Saint vol 1, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Fast Money, The 3 Musketeers and The 4 Musketeers.

Until our next star date, save your atomic energy. Because you and I are the perfect team to teach the whole Universe the real meaning of the Big Bang theory.

Written by Paul Taublieb, directed by Steve Falgenbaum