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Eagle pod

Thanks to Tim Ketzer at for these pictures.

This pod was built for the third Eagle model (introduced in Year 2), and is as used on screen, except for detailing above the side doors. As the screen shots show, the panel above the door was bare. Since filming the rectangular Revell Gemini kit parts have been added so it looks similar to the other pods. The numbers on the bottom corners are "1271"/"1271" on one side (seen clearly in The Immunity Syndrome), and "2437"/ "2509" on the other.

The Exiles The Immunity Syndrome
Year 1 pod (above) and the Year 2 pod (below)

Other differences to the Year 1 pods include that the "X" pattern on the doors is recessed, not convex. The vertical boosters underneath are slightly closer to the ends.

Below: with the 12inch Product Enterprise Eagle

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