The Catacombs Production Guide

These is the special effects storyboard for the episode The Lambda Factor. This episode had few effects shots- just 12, plus 2 library shots. Most are, as scripted, Big Screen burn-ins. The colourful rotating form looks better in the storyboard than the greenish whirligig on film. The editor moved several sequences around in this episode, including the effects sequences.

Scene 1, slate Library.
Establish Moonbase Alpha.

This is the standard zoom in to the base used as the opening shot of 9 episodes (and featured in 2 more).

The Lambda Factor

Scene 3, slate Library.
Moon moving thro space.

Not used, this would appear during Helena's "status report".

Scene 9, slate 1X.
Moon quadrant, rotating form suspended in space.
Moon to revolve away from camera.

Not used, this would have been the first shot of act 1, with the episode title. Instead we open in Koenig's quarters.

Scene 13, slate 2X.
Space sky - in distance rotating form.
Enough for 2 cuts.

As Koenig and Maya look up at the screen.

The Lambda Factor

Scene 18, slate 3X.
Moon and rotating form move together and overlap.
2 cuts.

Not used. Should appear after Alan is trapped in Engineering and tries to call Command Center.

Scene 18A, slate 4X.
Rotating form begins to fill screen.

This is the Big Screen shot that Koenig, Maya and Tony see ("The electrical pulse is getting stronger").

The Lambda Factor

Scene 19A, slate 5X.
Rotating form rises from behind mountains, growing larger as if to completely envelop Moonbase.

This scene is originally intended before we see Alan struggling with the power cable. It is moved to replace scene 31 (below), after the Command Center scene when Maya detects the lambda waves (scene 30).

The Lambda Factor

Scene 26, slate 6X.
Rotating form begins to envelop base. Reflect coloured light onto Moonbase surface.

Not used

Scene 29, slate 7X.
Screen completely filled with rotating form.

Seen on the Big Screen just before Maya detects the lambda waves.

The Lambda Factor

Scene 31, slate 8X.
Rotating form swirls around moonbase.
This before 29.

The editor moves this and shot 19A around. This shot moved later to between scene 36, when Koenig has his vision of Sam and Tessa in his quarters ("You left us to die."), and scene 38 when Helena comes in with her test results.

The Lambda Factor

Scene 39A, slate 9X.
Shoot additional footage on Sc 31 slate 8X using closer set-up.

Not used, but originally between the scene when Maya shows Tony the booth in recreation center, and just before Mark and Carolyn break up.

Scene 43, slate 9X.
Repeat Sc 29 slate 7X.

After Mark and Carolyn break up, Koenig and Maya are looking at the screen.

The Lambda Factor

Scene 45, slate 10X.
Explosion occurs within the rotating form.

This is the "burst of energy" as Mark is killed.

The Lambda Factor

Scene 66A, slate 11X.
3 coloured explosions within the rotating form.
These to be separate cuts.

This is the scene in Command Center with Koenig facing Carolyn, with everyone else frozen as the wind blows around them.

The Lambda Factor

Scene 67, slate 12X.
Rotating form fades away leaving space sky.
Rotates more slowly.

In keeping with the other effects shots, done as a Big Screen burn-in.

The Lambda Factor