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Space 1999 In The US


Phoenix, Arizona

by Dan Flanery.


The program aired on Channel 12 originally, KTAR, the local NBC affiliate. KTAR later became KPNX (in 1979), although it continued on channel 12 as an NBC affiliate.

The program made its debut - appropriately enough - on September 13th, 1975, Saturday, at 6:00PM, a primetime spot, up against local news, Hee Haw, Evening at Pops on PBS and Let's Make A Deal. It was followed by Emergency (KTAR was the NBC affiliate). It continued in that slot until September 10th, 1977.

After a year's absence, it came back at 5:00PM Sundays starting Sunday, September 10th, 1978 but must not have done well in that slot - it got bumped back to 1:00PM by the time of its final showing Sunday, January 28th, 1979.

The last run on the original station Channel 12 started on the afternoon of Sunday, January 6, 1980 (at 3:00PM), later hopscotching around to Saturday mornings post-cartoons (between 9 and 11), alternating weekly or so with Sunday morning appearances usually at 11:00AM, or even weekday morning appearances - apparently, anywhere they had a 1 hour hole in the schedule to plug. I was always delighted when it cropped up, seemingly at random. That run ended on Sunday, May 24, 1981 with "The Troubled Spirit". I managed to catch a few of the last of those on my uncle's old Sanyo Betamax, which had stopped working (why he gave it to me) but that I was able to partially fix (the eject mechanism seized, but I managed to get it working intermittently).


Independent station station KPHO, channel 5, picked the show up again almost a decade later, airing it at 4:30AM Sundays starting March 11th, 1990 and ending April 21st, 1991.

SciFi Channel

The last time it aired in Phoenix that I'm aware of was on the SciFi Channel, starting May 6th, 1995 and ending on Jul 14, 1996.

Thanks to Dan Flanery