The Catacombs Episode Critics
Compiled by Martin Willey

1. Breakaway

A fine first episode. The plot races along, while a sense of disaster builds throughout. Sadly the sub-plot of Meta is never pursued, leaving one to wonder why they bothered to introduce it in the first place. (Richard Houldsworth, TV Zone, 1989)

Insufficiently developed, with too many story strands and an abrupt ending. Only Nick Tate's characterisation stands out among the large cast, but Lee H Katzin's smooth direction does include several knockout scenes and the production values are impeccable. 7/10 (Rob Pritchard, Dreamwatch #27, 1996)

Absolutely unmissable! Intelligent scripting and superb feature film production values make this Gerry Anderson's finest TV hour. A+ (Chris Bentley, SFX 20, 1996)

As a first episode, and as a compelling dramatic story, Breakaway succeeds quite admirably. In addition to the fireworks on the lunar surface, the character fireworks between Koenig and Russell make for engaging television. (John Kenneth Muir, Exploring Space: 1999, p23)

The premiere episode is full of drama and '70s disaster movie-type excitement; it's about as scientifically accurate as an episode of Mork and Mindy but it's still one of the series' best hours. *** (good) (James O'Neill, Sci-Fi On Tape, p270, 1997)

The series opening episode portrays the very realistic challenges of space exploration, and of the even more realistic organisational and funding difficulties involved. It succeeds in presenting to us a dynamic and interesting group of people with whom we are about to embark on an incredible odyssey. Breakaway is an admirable and highly refined debut for the series. 8.5/10 (Bob Wood, The Future Is Fantastic, 2001)

An incredibly fun, Seventies disaster movie-style opening episode packed with square-jawed (and spandex-clad) heroism. 4/5
Sidebar Best scene (breakaway sequence). Scientific inaccuracy be damned, this is a truly epic event that is handled absolutely beautifully. (Alasdair Stuart, SciFiNow #10, 2007)