The Catacombs Episode Critics
Compiled by Martin Willey

10. New Adam New Eve

A standard plot is not helped by some woeful miscasting. Guy Rolfe makes a dire Magus - the kind of actor who plays a down trodden sit com neighbour, or maybe an EastEnder, he is by no means a deity. (Richard Houldsworth, TV Zone, 1993)

There is more to this story than one would first imagine given that the claims of the being that calls itself God are discounted at a fairly early stage by Koenig and the gang, and the giant lizard that appears towards the end of the episode is also good for a laugh. 6/10 (Anthony McKay, DWB, 1994)

Almost too close for comfort to Star Trek's 'Who Mourns For Adonis?', but there are some nice performances from the leads. B+ (Chris Bentley, SFX 20, 1996)

Another large scale failure. It dramatises yet another thoroughly derivative story and hits upon every bad sci-fi television cliché imaginable. Frankly the story appears cobbled together from several Star Trek episodes. Adding insult to injury, the Keith Wilson monster costumes in this episode are again laughable at best. The mutant's costume must be the most unconvincing, ludicrous costume to appear in Space 1999. (John Kenneth Muir, Exploring Space: 1999, p120)

The script is well structured to provide interesting and unique parts for all four leads to play. New Adam, New Eve is a strong science fiction episode, highly recommended, and a virtual blessing following the past couple of episodes. 9/10 (Bob Wood, The Future Is Fantastic, 2001)