The Catacombs Dialogue
Commissioner Simmonds Dialogue

Commissioner Simmonds

Roy Dotrice

Total dialogue: 86 lines.

Breakaway (21)

  1. Ah, John. Well, you're signed, sealed and approved. The Space Commission's just ratified your appointment as Commander of Moonbase Alpha.
  2. Oh, I, ah, relieved him of his command an hour ago. He's not your problem, John.No, your job is to put man on Meta.
  3. How do you like this?
  4. The first close up shot of the planet Meta, taken from the unmanned Space Farer Nine, just in.
  5. Well, not only that. We're receiving signals, loud and clear, relayed from the same probe. There's no doubt about it. Planet Meta could be supporting life as we know it.John. The Meta Probe astronaut virus infection mustn't be allowed to stop us. We must make a manned landing on Meta. Nothing must stop us. Nothing. Good luck.
  6. Ah, John. Well, how are you? Settling in up there, I hope. I just wanted your first impressions of the situation.
  7. Yes, yes, I've heard all about her theory from Gorski. No, she's a very competent doctor, John, in certain fields of space medicine, but she's wrong about this situation. Dead wrong. So I'm going to send you up a team of top medical people to probe into this problem.
  8. Look here, those two Meta Probe astronauts didn't go anywhere near that area.
  9. Now you know I can't possibly do that. Atomic waste disposal is one of the biggest problems of our time.
  10. Well... A temporary delay. That's the best I can do. If that's what you need.
  11. You mean those men are no better?
  12. All right, just a minute, John. We have to hold that story in. We have to. The International Lunar Finance Committee Meeting on the fifteenth. To discuss the Meta signals and, in particular, our probe. Now, if one word, one hint, of failure leaks out, they'll immediately abandon their support for our whole project. So just remember that.
  13. There's no doubt about it. Planet Meta could be supporting life, as we know it.
  14. We must make a manned landing on Meta. Nothing must stop us. Nothing.
  15. Now, your job is to put man on Meta.
  16. Commander.My office tried to query you about your Emergency Code Alpha One. You didn't seem to be available.
  17. What are the chances it could burn itself out, like Area One?
  18. Well, what's to be done?
  19. Alright, come on, let's do it.
  20. All levels are holding steady. Do you think we have it under control, John?
  21. Well, I must say it does look pretty promising to me.Well done. Now, I have to issue a communique sooner or later. Well, it'll give us more time to consider our next move. You see, John,-

Earthbound (65)

  1. Alright, just a minute.
  2. Now, once again, I've sat in at a Command Conference and listened to a cosy round of self congratulation. Aren't we doing well. Um? Adapting. Adjusting. Coming to terms. And once again, I am shocked that we have not discussed a serious attempt to locate Earth and return there.
  3. Impossible? The impossible takes just a little longer, that's all, Commander.
  4. Hope is the key to morale. We should maintain it, we should exploit it, ruthlessly, in order to achieve what should be our sole objective. Going home.
  5. Koenig. I think I'd better come too.
  6. Well, I hope they know what they're doing out there.
  7. Koenig could be in danger. Why is there no visual link up?
  8. Come on, come on. What the hell's the delay?
  9. Excuse me.
  10. Well, Koenig? I think you should introduce us.
  11. I represent Earth authority here on Moonbase Alpha. And, in that capacity, may I say...welcome.
  12. Yes. And may I first assure you that those responsible for the regrettable loss of your crewmember will be brought to account.
  13. Yes, you must. As operational Commander.
  14. Be careful, Koenig. They may not be as friendly as they seem.
  15. Is your computer capable of calculating the present position of Earth?
  16. And it's programmed to reach Earth?
  17. Should be ours too. Unfortunately some of us seem to have lost the will to achieve it.
  18. Perhaps the impossible doesn't take as long as we thought. Their ship is bound for Earth. Their computers programmed for going home, you just heard him say so.
  19. Ha! Come on now. None of you thought we had a chance. This is it. All we need is the courage, the vision, ..and the leadership to seize their ship.
  20. Expendable.
  21. Seventy five years?
  22. So one of us can go home?
  23. Koenig..!
  24. I know all that, Koenig, but if it'll work for one it'll work for others. Now, seize their ship and six of us can go home.
  25. Well, whatever it's like, it's still our home. Our natural home!
  26. Hmph. Including yourself of course.
  27. What?
  28. Look, Koenig. I ought to be the one to go. I mean I have no place here on Alpha. No function.
  29. So one of us is going home?
  30. Yes. Supposing you would just, ah, read the list?
  31. You're supposed to be Commander. You shouldn't have left that choice to a machine.
  32. The choice is obvious. As Commissioner I'm not part of your team of experts here on Alpha. My work is on Earth. Now, one word from you and I can be on that space ship.
  33. And if it doesn't?
  34. You know, I've been a politician all my life. I don't believe in chance.
  35. Now. You're going to do exactly as I tell you.
  36. Open it. Open it!
  37. Switch it off.And the other.
  38. It's too late for talk, Commander.
  39. Really?
  40. I know precisely what I'm doing.
  41. Open up.
  42. Now, listen to me, Koenig. This is my hostage.
  43. Koenig. Those men are just stunned.
  44. Now, don't make me kill anyone. Noone on Alpha will live for more than thirty minutes without this unit in place.
  45. Now, I go on that ship
  46. or Moonbase Alpha freezes over. It's up to you.
  47. What do you say now?
  48. Oh, yes! I know my chances, Koenig. Now, this way I go for sure. It's my decision.
  49. I got to being Commissioner by doing what was necessary,
  50. not what was right. Now you have fifteen minutes to persuade your alien friends or freeze.
  51. Koenig. Your decision.
  52. Guarantees, Koenig.
  53. Not enough.
  54. I accept.
  55. You first.
  56. Hello Earth. Hello, Earth. This is Commissioner Simmonds returning home. After seventy five years!
  57. Hello, Earth. Earth Control, do you hear me? Come in, Earth. Hello, Earth. Earth?Earth, can you read me? Hello, Earth.
  58. Hello Earth. Can you hear me? Earth? Hello, Earth. Earth, this is Commissioner Simmonds returning home. Can you hear me?
  59. Hello, Earth. Earth?
  60. Earth, can you hear me? What's the matter with everybody?Uh..It hasn't worked. It hasn't worked. K-Koenig. Koenig. Can you hear me, Koenig?
  61. You've got to help me, Koenig. This hasn't worked! You've got to help me! S..send somebody to get me, Koenig. Koenig, help me!
  62. Koenig. Can you hear me, Koenig?
  63. ANSWER ME!Koenig. Zantor! Zantor! ZANTOR! For God's sake, get me out of here! Zantor! Help me! Help me! For God's sake, Zantor!
  64. Help me!
  65. SOMEONE! I've gotta get out! I've gotta get out!...For God's sake, help MEEEE..!

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