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Dragon's Domain

The radar screen in Dragon's Domain was created in 1967 for The Champions episode "The Dark Island", and was used in Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and prominently in the UFO SHADO Headquarters set. The radar map is actually of Japan.

The Champions-The Dark Island The Champions-The Dark Island
Captain Scarlet

Here it is in the Captain Scarlet episode Renegade Rocket.

In Joe 90 it was built into several sets, hiding the panel details around it.

In UFO it was part of the SHADO HQ set, featured in the first episode "Identified" as well as "Court Martial".

It appears on the Dalotek moonbase in the episode "The Dalotek Affair"

It also appears in the UFO episode "Destruction" on a Navy ship.

Star Maidens Star Maidens

We see it again in Star Maidens (1976), filmed immediately after Dragon's Domain.

Green Cross Code- Kids Green Cross Code- Blockhead Girl

It also appears in two of the Green Cross Code Man public information films from 1975, which also feature Dave Prowse sat at two Main Missiond desks.

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