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1999 Foretold

1999 Foretold

Bristol Evening Post, 2 January 1999

At the start of 1999, a Catherine Bujold montage from the Cybermuseum made the cover of the weekly entertainment guide of a local UK newspaper. Actually the article turned out to be on wacky internet prophesies, and this site apparently qualifies!

The article featured a prominent Peter Barnosky Eagle (also from the Cybermuseum). A picture of Maya from The Exiles is captioned "Maya had awful dress sense."

"Sci-fi programme makers of the past decided that 1999 had a portentous ring to it and created a whole series around the date. It was a dark vision.

The storyline was that up on the moon we had built the first permanent colony, but on the dark side we have been dumping nuclear waste.

A chain reaction takes place, resulting in an explosion of cosmic proportions which blows the moon, and the Alpha base, off into the unknown and dozens of adventures.

Space: 1999 was ham-acted, the sets looked like Airfix mixed with egg boxes and the monsters would have a Dr Who make up artist blush with sheer embarrassment.

But somehow Commander Koenig, the alien shape shifter Maya and their companions managed to capture the imaginations of millions of youngsters.

So much so that there are umpteen web sites dedicated to the show. Call in on and have a look."

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