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International Insanity vol 1, no.2 (September 1976) "Space: 1959" drawn by Carl Potts. The magazine was based on National Lampoon, rather than directly on Mad magazine, with comic strips a small part of the content. "Space: 1959" only borrows a few elements from the series, the best being the title joke and the "Beagle" spacecraft, a station wagon with the wheels replaced by leg pods. Mainly it's a Happy Days spoof, with Commander Phonz dumping used cars on the moon, but the engines start and the exhaust pushes the Moon into the Earth. In the final frames, Star Trek's Kirk welcomes the end of the 1950s: "we can get on with the future".

The weekly Turkish humour magazine Cardaf covered the series in February 1976, September 1977 and brief one page strips into 1978.

Italian comic artist Leonardo Ortolani created the Rat-man series, itself originally a Batman parody, and included parody stories of many TV series and films, including Rat-man: 1999, included in Rat-man Collection 14, published September 1999.

Ti Faccio un Cratere Cosi

Ti Faccio un Cratere Cosi (1979, "I'll make you a crater", a spin on the Italian expression for "I'll kick your arse" although the literal translation is much ruder). This was an Italian parody magazine. This 224 page issue also parodied "A Fistful of Dollars" and "Saturday Night Fever"/"Grease". (thanks to Stefano and the Moonbase99 club)

Viz Spice

Viz magazine's crude and vicious satire was a 1990s phenomenon in Britain. A dig at the Spice Girls put them in an outer space adventure...

Thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado and Jenny Lobb