Photos from The Making of Space: 1999

1 In 1999 man stores nuclear waste in theoretically safe depots on a part of the moon's surface not visible from earth.
2 Eagles are the utility vehicles of Moonbase Alpha. In this closeup an Eagle removes nuclear waste from a storage unit.
3 The center of scientific activity on the moon: Moonbase Alpa.
4 Gerry Anderson in his office.
5 The people responsible for making Space: 1999 a reality.
6 Martin Landau as Commander John Koenig, the motivating force behind Alpha.
7 Barbara Bain in her role as Dr. Helena Russell, medical officer in charge of the physical and mental well-being of the crew of Moonbase Alpha.
8 Catherine Schell as Maya, science officer of Alpha and its only resident alien.
9 First Lieutenant Alan Carter, played by Nick Tate.
10 Tony Anholt as First Officer Tony Verdeschi, second in command of Moonbase Alpha.
11 Zienia Merton plays the part of Sandra Benes ("Sahn" for short), the communications officer of Moonbase Alpha.
12 Anton Philips in his role as Dr. Bob Mathias, Dr. Russell's assistant in Life Support and the Medical Center.
13 Brian Johnson, special effects designer and director (right), and Nicky Allder with three of the four scale-model Eagles and the fiberglass moon.
14 Story-board detail for episode 10 of Series Two.
15 Nick Allder (left) and Brian Johnson talk through a special effects sequence.
16 Special effects grid.
17 Special effects can be quite spectacular. Here detonations involved real explosives, for which reason the camera is protected and the crew wears hard hats.
18 Not all special-effects work need pose a danger to life or limb. This candid shot of a pastoral scene in the making is more typical of an average workday.
Carefully constructed models are a mainstay of Space: 1999's special effects. An Eagle, workhorse of Moonbase Alpha. The rectangular cargo pod visible in the side profile may be replaced by specialized modules as necessary.
Three beautifully detailed laser-equipped tanks seen in "The Infernal Machine."
23 The Hawk, used in "War Games" and various of the spaceship scenes, alongside the escape vehicle from "The Last Enemy."
24 The deep-space probe used by Moonbase Alpha.
25 An alien spacecraft, included because the craftsmanship fascinates me.
26 A ship with top portion not yet attached. The whole appeared in "War Games." On the right is a spacecraft from "The Metamorph."
27 Brian Johnson puts the finishing touches on spaceship graveyard.
28 Freddie Freiberger (right) and Gerry Anderson.
29 Derek Wadsworth, composer and arranger for the music of Series Two.
30 Wide-angle view of Stage L's cavernous interior.
31 Frank Watts (right), lighting cameraman, with Val Guest, director of "The Rules of Luton."
32 Neil Binney (right), camera operator, and Val Guest.
33 One wet, miserable May morning I watched Martin Landau and Catherine Schell filming "The Rules of Luton." Despite the appropriate weather, it still was necessary to supplement the dew, hence the hose and spray bottle.
34 Production Designer Keith Wilson on the set he designed as part of the Texas City Space Station for "Journey to Where."
35 Keith Wilson and members of the staff discuss details of a proposed set.
36 Diagram of Alpha-Complex sets for Series Two.
Commlocks: nonfunctional model normally seen on TV screen (37) and functional model occasionally used for verisimilitude (note feeder cable at rear).
39 Stun gun.
Economical set design. 40. Keith Wilson's original conception of the Grove of Psyche for "The Metamorph." 41. The grove as it appeared. 42. Keith's conception of the grove as the Garden of Vega. 43. The Garden of Vega as it appears in "One Moment of Humanity." 44. The grove used as the life-support center in "The Exiles."
Brian the Brain as his designers saw him (45) and as the viewer does (46).
Aging sequence from "The Exiles."
Brian Blessed as Mentor.
Maya in various stages of design (54-59)...and as realized by Catherine Schell (60).
Maya creature transformation from "New Adam, New Eve": design concept (61 and 62) and realization (63).
64 Director Val Guest (second from left, with pipe) supervising "The Rules of Luton" on location.
65 Director Guest demonstrates...
66 ...and Monster emulates.
67 Casting Director Leslie de Pettitt with un-Earthly friend.
68 Dave Lane in the cutting room.
69 The dubbing console