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General Sounds

Season 1 Opening Theme
Season 2 Opening Theme

Commlock Sound
Long Door Sound
Door Opening
Door Closing
Season 1 Opening Theme
Season 1 Closing Theme
Suspense Music
Season 2 Chase Music
Season 2 Stinger Music

Season 1


Alpha1.wav Koenig: Pass Emergency Code Alpha 1.
Helena.wav Helena: Intensive care unit please stand by. We have a casualty.
Victor.wav John: Victor! Still here? Victor: Yes, I got caught.
Risk.wav Helena: The risk is great, the decision of course, is yours.
Stinger.wav Stinger Music
Meta.wav Various: Planet Meta could be supporting life as we know it. Yes but the problem here may affect the Meta probe. We must make a manned landing on Meta. Nothing must stop us. Nothing. I can't guarantee that they won't be affected three days or three months out into deep space. Then your job is to put man on Meta. A giant leap for mankind - it's beginning to look like a stumble in the dark.
Compute.wav Computer: Emergency Operation Exodus. Indefinite Factors. One, moon on unknown trajectory. Two, constantly changing G-forces due to moon's movement away from Earth. Three, insufficient data to compute flight plan. All factors in every bank relating to Operation Exodus inapplicable. Insufficient data available under prevailing circumstances. Human decision required.
Decision.wav Computer: Human decision required.
Attend.wav Koenig: Attention all sections Alpha...

Voyager's Return

Arkon2.wav Aarchon: You are communicating with Aarchon. Chief of Justifier of the Federated Worlds of Sidon.
Greeting.wav Voyager: This is the voice of Voyager One. Greetings from the people of planet Earth.

War Games

Die.wav Koenig: If you're gonna die, you might as well die on Alpha
Sandra.wav Sandra: Travel tube to door 9 Corridor 9 is safe and from there you can enter through the Commander's office.
Keonig.wav Koenig: Ever since we were blasted away from Earth we've been fighting for survival. We have survived. Now how I don't know. There's no rational explanation. What I do have is an absolute faith in the human spirit and the belief that someone or something is looking after us. G-d if you like. And we will survive.
Alien.wav Alien: You have no future. You carry with you the seeds of your own destruction. You are a contaminating organsism. A fatal virus. A plague of fear.
97min.wav Koenig: 97 minutes of life and then no oxygen. Hallucination. Slow and peaceful drift through dream to real eternity. Or just nothing. The ultimate negative. Poison and pain and yet more pain. Until nothing. This body of peace perhaps for some future archeologist to fit into an historical puzzle. John Koenig from planet Earth, ninth and last commander of Moonbase Alpha.

Season 2

One Moment of Humanity

Vega.wav Vegan Dance Music (1.7 Mb)
zamra.wav Zamara: I am Zamara of the planet Vega. I accept your explanation.

AB Chrysalis

Voltz.wav Are you all right? Koenig: Isn't everybody after gettting hit with three or four hundred volts?

Seance Spectre

Alibe.wav Alibe: Alibe, communications officer, Moonbase Alpha. Under the circumstances refreshments are not our top priority.
chance.wav Koenig: This is your last chance! You can still make it to a boarding station and be evacuated safely.
cision.wav Koenig: We're on a collision course!
forcast.wav Maya: Anticipate severe damage in all sections. High fire risk. Forecast zero survival rate.
sderson.wav Sanderson: I see clearer than the rest of you.
sehlove.wav Helena: She's not hallucinating...she's in love.

Sounds provided by Ryan Case