[The Work of Today's Alphans]

Jim Stolfa Probeship

Glenn McGrabb Lego Eagle

Elegy, by Michael Elliott

Kay's wallpapers

Richard Bendell series review

John August series review

Robert Chwalinski's poem (English and Polish)

Kerry Endacotte's replica costumes

Wes Sargent CGI Eagle

James Adam CGI Eagle

Science Fiction Darkside
Fanzine by David Owens

Fan Fiction

The Transfer by David Welle

Ellen's Fan Fiction Archive External site

Space:1999 Fiction Archive External site

Eagle Blueprints by Roberto Baldassari

Interior View #1
Interior View #2
3D View

The Making of the Blueprints

These blueprints are available for purchase.


The Space: 1999 FAQ
Maintained by Pat Sokol & Marshall Poindexter

Space: 1999 Timeline
by Shane Johnson

Season 2 Personnel Roster
Abbreviations/About the Rosters
by John Boomershine

Screen and Development Shots from Eagle One
A game in development from Mark Meskin

Similarities Between Space: 1999 Episodes
Thanks Pat Sokol

The Truly Useless but Fun List of Space: 1999 Quotes
by Daphne Vezina

Top 10 Uses for Duct Tape on Moonbase Alpha
by John Fleming

Jon Stadter's Top 10 Lists

Amardeep's Season 1 Episode Guide
by Amardeep Chana

The Lost Space: 1999 Spin-Offs
by John Boomershine and
The Space: 1999 Mailing List

The Online Alpha Personnel List
Maintained by LUCKYGEO@aol.com.
Email all changes, corrections and new additions to him.

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