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Plustronic 636 calculator

Another Time, Another Place

Bergman sometimes uses a 1973 Plustronic 636 calculator, seen here. A simple four-function calculator with a 6 digit red LED, it was made in Malaysia and imported by the British company Plustronic. It is 7.7cm x 14.3cm x 4cm.

Dragon's Domain

In Dragon's Domain's 1996 flashback, the Plustronic has been upgraded with additional colourful Letraset on the sides, and coloured buttons.

The Taybor The Taybor

In The Taybor, Maya uses it to calculate Taybor's trades.

A Plustronic which has lost the metallic brand sticker. It uses 3 AA batteries. Plustronic also sold radios, TVs and other electronics, all imported from far east manufacturers.

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