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Prentis Hancock

Comments from the SpaceCon convention, 1979.

Since Space I've been working for a number of other people, like the BBC. At one time I seemed to have cornered the market in space controllers. Besides playing Paul Morrow, Main Mission controller as you know, I did a four episode story of Dr. Who for the BBC [episode Planet Of Evil]. I played a man called Salazar, in charge of a spaceship; he was in fact, the controller. So at one point in London, you turn your TV on and see me as Paul Morrow on Space and, simultaneously, as Salamar, space controller, on Dr.Who for the BBC.

I also had the good fortune to work on a new series, which I believe CBS here will be shoving, called The Return of the Saint, starring Ian Ogilvy. One of the original ideas was to have the series named The Son of the Saint. In the first episode Roger Moore would hand over the halo to Ian Ogilvy, but this idea never materialised and the series was named The Return of the Saint. What was very nice about this was while I was working on the series, who should be on the other side or the cameras, but my old friends from Space; Frank Watts (lighting cameraman), Neil Binney (camera operator) and Ken Baker (assistant director). Just like old times.

Favourite Space:1999 Episode?

I think, along with a lot of other people, it would be Back Sun. That was the third episode we did. Lee Katzin directed it and directed it very well indeed. I enjoyed Last Sunset very much too, a chance to let my hair down!

What was your reaction when you first heard about Space?

I thought it was absolutely marvellous. I had worked with Gerry before on The Protectors in a production called "W.A.M." The story was about me actually hi-jacking a mountain. I went up the mountain first by cable car to check things out; came back and then went up again, but this time dressed as a hippie, with long beard, etc. Once I got to the top I knocked the cable car out Of action, leaving all the people at the summit stranded. Then I changed clothes, took off the beard and disguise and while all these people were walking about I radioed below and demanded ten million dollars or I 'd blow them all up. Needless to say 1 was caught in the end. This was my first meeting with Gerry.

When Space first came around I was working on a BBC television series called Spy Trap - I playing Navel Intelligence Officer Lt. Saunders R.N. They asked me about a third season of this when Gerry contacted me about a series he doing. He asked if I would like to join it. Once I'd talked to Gerry and Sylvia; seen the sets, costumes and heard their ideas, I decided to work on Space: 1999.