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Moonbase Alpha
Compiled by Martin Willey

Garage kits are made of polyurethane resin in limited numbers by non-professionals (unlike styrene injection molded kits produced by mainstream companies like Airfix, Revell, AMT and Tamiya). See also Eagle garage kits

MOONBASE ALPHA (Teru Space Models)

Japan. No. 11.

20 x 27cm resin diorama including two Eagles. Includes plan of base (the Starlog Technical Notebook blueprint). Box features the model base from "Black Sun". See Century 21 #10 p33, pictured in Annual File 4 of the Japanese Laserdisc volume 4 (1993).
Teru Yamada also produced an Eagle Transporter, the boosterised Eagle and figures of an astronaut and Zantor.

Alternative box (thanks Gordon Moriguchi).


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UK 1992 £29.99

"4-part resin model kit for enthusiast collectors (sic). Includes Comet Miniatures' 1/350 scale Eagle Transporter. Full painting instructions included."

Replica of the Year 1 smaller launch pad (from the Starlog Technical Notebook design p1002). Comprising the launch pad with a fringe of cratered lunar surface (27 x 23 cm), plus parts for the control block, boarding tube block, and detailing for the service platform. Also includes a small unassembled Eagle. Some kits contain the Comet Miniatures Eagle, others a version of the original SMM13 Eagle with a removable pod and inferior casting. There is a sheet of plasticard for the lift platform, so it can be set at different levels. Pad itself is 15 cm diameter. Detailing good and generally accurate. It requires fairly skilled painting and weathering, but can produce an attractive display model. An A4 photocopied instruction sheet provides a template for the lift platform and painting diagram.

28 x 27 cm cardboard box with paper photocopy stuck on front showing title and a fairly basic drawing of an Eagle landing on the pad.


UK 2000 £29.99

A hanger set to the same scale as the Comet Miniatures' 1/350 scale Eagle Transporter and the Warp Launch Pad


UK 2010 £49.99

An Eagle lift (as seen in A B Chrysalis and Seance Spectre) to the same scale as the MPC Eagle, the Warp Eagle and the Product Enterprise Eagle


UK 2012 £44.99

Six nuclear waste silo covers (as seen in Breakaway) to the same scale (1:72) as the MPC Eagle, the Warp Eagle and the Product Enterprise Eagle

Century Castings

UK polyurethane kits.

Main Mission 2016 £72. 10.5" x 9.5" x 2.5" tall (26.5cm x 24cm x 4cm).
Moonbase building 1:72 building. £90
Hanger diorama 16" x 16" x 8" (41cm x 41cm x 20cm), in scale with MPC/Airfix/Round2 Eagle. £150

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