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Alpha Child

The Amphicat is 2.06 m (81") long, 1.35m (53") wide and 0.84m (33") tall. The tyres have 48cm (19") diameter. It weighs 218kg (480lbs).

The real controls are 3 dials on the left side of the dashboard.

Moonbuggy dashboard The Full Circle The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 Moonbuggy in 2022

To start the engine, pull out the fuel valve, open the choke and turn the ignition switch fully right to "start", and then let it return to "run". The operator's manual advises it may take a few minutes before sufficient fuel reaches the carburettor before the engine fires.

Moonbuggy in 2022

Under the seat is a transmission shift lever. There are 3 positions: 2/N (normal), 1/S (slow, for water or hill climbing) and R (reverse). You cannot shift between these while the vehicle is moving.

Space Warp

There are two control levers (on the left side of the vehicle). The left lever controls the left wheels; the right lever controls the right side. There is a throttle lever attached to the right lever; squeeze it to increase the speed, otherwise the engine idles.

To move, squeeze the throttle on the right lever and move both control levers forward. To brake and stop, pull the levers back.

There is no parking brake. You just pull backwards on the control levers.

To turn left, move the left lever forward and pull the right lever back (the right wheels stop, and the moving left wheels force it to turn).

The engine is behind the seat. To access, lift the seat base and remove two pins to allow the cover to be tipped open (there are hinges at the back).

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