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Space 1999 Year 1 Brochure
Compiled by Martin Willey

This massive brochure was given to American and Canadian television stations. The promotional hype is revealing about the influences on the series (especially the repeated emphasis on being an "American" series). See the Year 2 brochure.

Page 1 shows logo, Eagle launching from pad.


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Page 2/3 folds out. The first flap is a shot of Main Mission. It opens to a large colour photo of Nuclear Disposal Area 2 and text

The most devastating explosion
in the history of mankind

  • blasts the moon out of orbit
  • on it are 311 men and women
    determined to survive
  • marooned and isolated on a
    terrifying and unexpected
    journey through space
  • pitted against forces of nature
    so extraordinary
  • life forms so strange
  • environments so hostile
  • their unexpected space odyssey
    is beyond the grasp of
    human comprehension

SPACE: 1999

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Page 4 shows photos with text

24 brand new

network budgeted
network quality

first run
space science fiction hours

on 35mm color film

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Page 5/6 shows astronauts with photos and short credits of Landau, Bain and Morse

Together for the first time since their marathon run on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE


as Commander Koenig, Leader of Moonbase Alpha


as Dr Helena Russell, Chief Medical Officer

The only actress in the history of television to win an Emmy three times in a row as Best Actress in a series

Also starring BARRY MORSE

as Professor Victor Bergman, the scientist whose remarkable work is responsible for Moonbase Alpha
World famous as Lt Gerard on THE FUGITIVE

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Page 7/8 shows cast photos with text

Custom made for American Television

From its very inception all of the elements necessary for a succesful American television series have been incorporated into

SPACE: 1999

  • American stars
  • American directors
  • American writers
  • American talent of the very best
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Page 9/10 shows Piri and Terra Nova surface with text

The six and a half milion dollar series

  • The budget for each episode is in excess of $275,000
  • The highest budget for an hour series ITC has ever
    committed in 20 years of production
  • The highest budget for a space science fiction series
    in the history of television
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Page 11 shows photos of crew falling in corridor, and Koenig with Victor, plus text

American directors
The very best directors in the industry have been hired to direct Space: 1999. Among them is
Lee H Katzin
Made for TV movies for all three networks
...And much more

American writers
To ensure that SPACE: 1999 would be an American series for American audiences, scripts were commissioned from leading science fiction writers and American pros including Emmy nominee George Bellak:
Winner of the WGA Award

American fashion
Rudi Gernreich, America's leading fashion designer, created the costumes for SPACE: 1999.

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Page 12/13 folds out. Interior is a large photo of Moonbase Alpha and text

The Producers

  • Long time leaders in science fiction production for television
  • Producers of science fiction motion pictures for United Artists and Universal Pictures
  • Acknowledged to be the best special effects experts in the world

SPACE: 1999 has more sets - both interior and exterior - than any other television series has ever had. There are new planets or locations in every episode.

Special Effects
SPACE: 1999 has the most outstanding special effects ever seen on television, and seldom seen in feature films. Special effects that can only be shot on 35mm film. Not 16mm and not videotape.

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Exterior page of fold out is three photos of Zantor, Baxter and, in multiple exposures, Helena
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Page 14, back cover, has the yellow logo on plain red background, with slogans

The Most Spectacular
and Expensive
Space Science Fiction Series
Ever Produced For Television

SPACE: 1999
The Ultimate
Adventure Series

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Variation of ITC credits between US and Canadian brochures

US and Canadian versions

Contents copyright Martin Willey
Images thanks to Steven Reder
Space: 1999 copyright ITV Studios Global Entertainment