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Space 1999 Year 2 Brochure
Compiled by Martin Willey

Year 2 producers Gerry Anderson and Fred Freiberger holding the Year 2 brochure

This massive brochure was given to American and Canadian television stations. Again, the promotional hype is revealing (repeatedly stressing this is a "NEW" series- a word repeated 25 times). Most of the photos are from The Metamorph, with some from The Exiles and 2 from One Moment of Humanity (there are also 3 SFX shots from year 1). See the Year 1 brochure, the Year 2 text brochure and Official Handbook. Scans thanks to Steven Reder.

Page 1: An exclamation mark, with photo montage around:

Year 2

Back cover
Page 2/3: Large logo " with 2 publicity photos and text bios.

Escape Into Worlds Beyond Belief

New Exciting Roles!
New Dynamic Stars!
New Top Sci-Fi Producer!

NEW Martin Landau and Barbara Bain star in new roles full of human dimensions. Sci-fi leaders in a great human relationship!
NEW Fred Freiberger joins as new producer-story editor. One of the world's most gifted sci-fi producer-writers, formerly of Star Trek.
NEW World famed Catherine Schell joins as new sci-fi star. The most amazing female of all worlds!
NEW 24 brand new hours of fast paced, extraordinary space fantasies, rich in spectacle, humor, action.

Introducing world-famed CATHERINE SCHELL, star of "The Return of the Pink Panther", the highest grossing comedy of all time!
Catherine Schell stars as Maya, our new continuing and enchanting resident alien.
Her characterization is so mind-boggling it must be seen to be believed.
She possesses the incredible power of molecular transformation, an unlimited power to transform ...before your eyes... into fascinating objects, creatures and other life forms.
They include a lioness, a panther, a tigress, a dove, a dolphin, and more, as well as different human beings and beings never before imagined.
And...she possesses a computer brain so fantastic, it defies all scientific experience and explanation.
It is a role so extraordinary it must be seen to be believed!

Pages 2 and 3
Page 4/5: Large montage.
Pages 4 and 5
Page 6/7: Another montage, with text alongside


NEW Tony Anholt introduced as new exciting continuing character. The most dynamic adventurer in the universe.
NEW Second year budget increased to $300,000 per episode for a record of $7,200,000. The most expensive series in the history of television.
NEW New, dazzling, never before seen special effects.
NEW New, fabulous, sci-fi high fashion costumes.
NEW New out-of-this-world original sci-fi music.
NEW New incredible sci-fi characters of the most exciting, enchanting and fabulous dimensions.
NEW An even greater multi-media advertising-promotion-publicity campaign committed for the second year

Pages 6 and 7
Page 8 (back cover): Large logo. Photos and ITC logo.
SPACE: 1999
The Future Is Fantastic!


Contents copyright Martin Willey
Space: 1999 copyright ITV Studios Global Entertainment