The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Commlocks and Stun Guns
Compiled by Martin Willey


2020 catalogue listing

UK 2020 Q4. £149.99

Announced in January 2020, this seems to be an updated version of the 2007 Iconic Replicas set, with added electronic lights and sounds.

The series used the spelling "comlock" and "commlock" (see continuity guide)

The studio props had Letraset under the owner photo (actually the copyright notice: "Letraset products are protected..."), but like the last set we have the text "Command Centre". This is nicer for a display prop, although the spelling is not authentic (the series used the American "Center" in all signage) and the year one photo doesn't match the year 2 designation.

The commlock screen shows "Red Alert" and the Alpha card, and plays sound samples from the series. The stun gun flashes lights with the appropriate sounds. The recommended price is the same as the non-electronic original from 13 years before.

Proposed box art, as at February 2020.

Copyright Martin Willey.