The Space: 1999 Cyber Exposition II

Welcome to the Space: 1999 Cyber Exposition II at Sci-Fi Con 2.0!


The Eagle is one of the best-remembered aspects of Space: 1999.
Image: Robert Ashley Ruiz

Space: 1999 on Video

Until recently it was difficult to obtain good quality, uncut episodes of Space: 1999 if you live in North America and don't have a laser disc player. Now this has changed, as Columbia House just released the Space: 1999 series on NTSC video! Currently they are only selling the series in the United States, but Canadian releases tend to follow the US ones a few months later.

Space: 1999 has been available in Europe, as PAL-format videos, for some time. More details are available in the collectibles section.

Space: 1999 fans have grouped together to try for further releases of material from the show, including soundtracks and episodes on DVD.

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Collectibles   Collectibles exhibit
Novel The online debut of The Transfer, a Year 3 novel
Internet Space: 1999 resources on the internet

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