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John Hug

from an interview in Starlog Science Fiction Explorer, No. 9 - October 1995 with Steve Eramo

My original screen test for Space: 1999 was actually for the part that Tony Anholt played. I was fiddling around with all sorts of strange beer-making equipment, which was one of the things that Tony's character did. I remember thinking, what a strange thing to be doing, making beer on Moonbase Alpha. Obviously, I did it well enough to get cast as somebody, but not well enough to get cast for Tony Anholt's role.

On my first day, I was quite nervous. You don't know anyone, you turn up in this strange place, they dress you up in this strange garb that makes you look like the Michelin Man, give you a crash helmet and you wait, I never did make it in front of the camera that Monday, and it was Wednesday before I did my first scene, a very quick 10-minute scene at the day's end. Sarah Bullen, who played Operative Kate, came up and introduced herself to me on the first day. I knew that she had been in the first series of Space: 1999, but I had never seen it. It was a pleasure to meet her and she has remained a good friend ever since.

My favourite episode was The Beta Cloud, because it gave me more to do. I had just dislocated my shoulder before we filmed it. Dave Prowse, this huge, strong guy, was playing an alien creature. He said to me, "Just relax, tuck your arm in and don't bother to do anything." At one point, he had me under one arm and Tony leapt on to his back. He just stood there, a 12-stone guy under one arm and another 12-stone guy on his back, and he barely moved.

I also enjoyed Devil's Planet, There were a lot of stuntgirls in that one and they all seemed like Amazons, running around in these red devil like costumes. It was just an enjoyable episode and quite fun, and it was also a pleasure to appear with Alibe Parsons who was great to work with.

Everyone who worked on Space: 1999 was totally committed to it, and they made me f eel completely at home. Nobody was stand-offish - they were all very friendly and it made for a pleasant working environment. I think we all thought Space: 1999 was good. It looked polished, it was well-made, the sets were good and it was fun to do. That's basically what I remember about it. It was an enjoyable summer.