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Nick Tate

Comments from the SpaceCon convention, 1979.

Concerning Alan Carter's reaction in Back Sun

The way the scene was written originally, it sounded like sheer cowardliness on the part of Alan; he wanted to be on that ship. Which it (the scene) was not suppose to sound like. What was happening was you were locking at the possible destruction of Moonbase Alpha, and they can only give six people a chance or survival. They take a cross-section of Alpha; six people most suited to survive? In Alan's mind, and this is what you never see, unfortunately, was if you're going to take five people the sixth has to be the best possible person to get them through. A person most suited to face all the problems of navigation and piloting. That's the logic behind it. It wasn't for his own personal safety - he felt he was the best person to get the five through.

There an occasion on Space: 1999 where I wouldn't do a stunt. I had to have a fight in the second series, Space Warp, with Maya's character in the operating theatre. The person was suppose to pick me up, throw me across the room, over a chair and unto the floor. The camera being on the floor and me hitting the floor. That isn't very hard to do and I would have done it - but they had a very low ceiling. The camera was on the floor and they had to look up - so they put in a false ceiling. The only way to get up and over the operating table/chair was to jump on a trampoline and over the chair unto the other side. But you could not jump high because of the ceiling. It was complicated and I didn't do it. The man who eventually did do the stunt wound up with two broken teeth and a broken shoulder.