The Catacombs Breakaway
SFX footage

SFX footage from the World Backgrounds library. The library contains many alternative takes and longer shots (sometimes including clapperboards). A few examples have appeared on the Network DVDs bonus disc, but many have never been seen. Episode shots are outlined in red, all other shots from the library.


Breakaway- opening shot as the Moon moves left to right, with Earth and sun beyond, as it appears in the episode. With the sun beyond, the Earth and the Moon should have strong shadows, but here are brightly illuminated. The SFX crew tried other versions, with (mostly) correct illumination. Although nice, the other shots below were probably not used because the planet was not recognisable as the Earth.


There are multiple versions of this, with different moons and different Earths. This version (with halo around the sun) appears on the Network DVDs (here)

A version with strong shadows. The opening frame has a flash of light showing the studio floor and stands.

Another version, with clapperboard. Slate 37, take 3, filmed 23 November 1973 (the episode is still called "Turning Point", not "Breakaway").

Another version. 30 seconds.

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Another version. 35 seconds.

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Moon revolves behind the Space Dock. 13 seconds. Not seen in episode.

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The Space Dock revolves, and the Meta Probe and Eagle spin away. In the episode, this shot ends with the Space Dock exploding (actually a cut to a shot of an explosion with debris). Two takes, with a clapperboard inbetween (55 x 5, date 4-12-73, Episode 1, title Breakaway). The first take is 12 seconds (the Eagle and Meta Probe leave shot around 7 seconds in). The second take is 15 seconds (the Meta Probe leaves frame at 6 seconds, the Eagle at 8 seconds).


Simmonds Eagle lands. Both longer shots, including boarding tube extending to pod. The first shows the pad for 20 seconds before the Eagle appears top of frame; as it lands (another 20 seconds) it kicks up a lot of dust; after it lands (another 20 seconds) the tube extends and docks with the passenger module (much dust remains). The second shot has 15 seconds of empty pad before the Eagle descends; it lands over 25 seconds in much less dust, but the extending tube doesn't dock before the footage ends (after total of 1 minute).

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The red glowing Moon shot, as seen in the Network DVD extras. Two 20 second takes, with clapperboard (slate 67, take 3, dated 7 December 1973) inbetween.

Travelling over lunar surface (two different, each 6 seconds). These look like Apollo footage. A sign appears between them saying "Episode I Overlay". Not used in episode.

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The final shot of Moonbase Alpha in the episode. On the clapperboard it is slate 9. The "x2Ex" indicates double exposure. Shot 15 February 1974.


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