The Catacombs The Taybor
SFX footage

(HD). Taybor's Emporium with lunar hills beyond. Clapperboard seen at start. Static shot for 8 seconds, whip pan right (1 second) to lunar hill, holds for 1 second. Appears in the episode during the on-screen titles (the whip pan cuts to a shot of Taybor's gun). Scene 16B, slate 8, take 1, filmed on 2 June 1976.

Taybor's gun disappears, with the kaleidoscope effect over, as seen in episode.

The Taybor The Taybor

Kaleidoscope effect over lunar hills. Clapperboard is slate 4, take 7, filmed 12 May 1976. After 15 seconds the effect fades out. Total 20 seconds.

Moonbuggy drives from near right to the distant left (the buggy doesn't appear for the first 12 seconds). 35 seconds. Filmed for Taybor (episode 6, script scene 54), but only seen in The Exiles. Clapperboard at start marks slate 23, take 3, filmed 13 May 1976.

The Exiles
The Taybor

Moonbuggy drives across lunar surface, as seen in episode (scene 58).

(HD) Static shot of lunar hill (about 15 seconds)- then tracking moonbuggy travelling left to right until it disappears from frame (about 15 seconds) and the camera stops again (3 seconds).

Second take of above, with clapperboard at the start (slate 25 take 2, 14 May 1976). Finishes still moving with moonbuggy still in frame.

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