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Thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado for suggesting many of these links


Starship Modeler Eagle reference
Photos of the different Eagles and the command module set.
Models Guide by Martin Willey
Catacombs article | Photo guides | Catacombs continuity guide
Discusses the Eagles and all the models used in the series, and the functionality shown on the series.
David Sisson Models
Includes pictures of original Eagle, Hawk and other models, and replicas.
CAD blueprints of the Eagle by Daniel Prud'homme
Very accurate blueprints of the first and second Eagle models in AutoCAD
Related models:
Catacombs Model Gallery (includes Eagle, Hawk and Swift plus many other models)
Starship Modeler reference guides and replicas

CGI Eagles

Bill George
Sci-Fi Air Show
88 inch Eagle model, and a Hawk, expertly photoshopped into real air-shows.
James Adams
click for larger image (43k)
CGI models of an Eagle.
Wes Sargent
CGI model of an Eagle, by a top visual effects artist
Austin Tate's compilation of CGI Eagles
Links to CGI Eagles by James Murphy, Aaron Booth, Heinz Schuller, Dean Scott and Don Schowalter (direct links are below)
Dean Scott Lightwave Eagle
Images of an Eagle modelled in Lightwave, and two movie downloads of an Eagle launch
James Murphy Eagle in hanger
James Murphy (Tobor)
Some very nice compositions and a pretty good Eagle model- the hanger scenes are the best. Includes models of various pods, boosters, moonbuggy, and launch pad. Modelled in AutoDesk 3D Studio, Studio 3D Max, textures in Paint Shop Pro; also ported to LightWave (by Andy Marss) and to 3D Studio R4. Available for download
Heinz Schuller (1995)
Accurate overall shape, simple detailing. Nice compositions. Rendered in Vivid 3.0 raytracer and KPT
Eagle scenes by Mateen Greenway
Pictures of Eagles (original mesh by James Murphy, see above), modelled in Bryce 3D.
Mark Vanstone (In the Cyber Museum)
1997. Nice looking striped Eagle, lacking detail in places.
Gordon Moriguchi (In the Cyber Museum)
1996. Five small views of a CGI Eagle, and blueprints of the Metamorph Eagle with booster pod. Moderate accuracy, looks good.
David Welle
1994. Fairly undetailed Hawks in front of a dramatic starfield- nice composition.
Gordon Carew
UFO2: Shado Hawk
1999. A Hawk vs a UFO in the upper atmosphere.


Catacombs Merchandise Guide by Martin Willey
In the Catacombs
Eagle models and toys guide
Catacombs Currently Available Models
In the Catacombs
What's available now
French model site with builds of Konami, Airfix/MPC, Teru and Future kits
Michael Dentzer
Accurizing AMT Eagle

Eagle pod variations

building laser tank type 2

building laser tank type 3

Well illustrated articles in the excellent Starship Modeller site
Greg Martinez
Links to Airfix Eagle conversions by Chris Potter and Jim Small.
Jack Wendt
Conversions of two AMT kits. A Starshipmodeler page.
Full sized Eagle
In the Catacombs
A full sized model of an Eagle, in Sines, Portugal. Not very accurate, but great to climb over
Rob Caswell Warp Eagle preview
A preview of the Warp garage kit
Lego Eagle and launch pad
Text in French

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