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Compiled by Martin Willey

Updated March 2024

January 2024:
Alien Attack - Original Movie Soundtrack by Fanderson

Media: CD, DVD, Blu-Ray

DVD/ Blu-ray

A comparison of the different DVD editions is here.

UK DVD/ Blu-ray

[Network Merchandise Guide]

Ultimate Space: 1999 Blu ray

The Carlton DVDs and Network DVD/Blu-rays are out of print.


Shout Factory Merchandise Guide.

Shout Factory Blu-Ray

In April 2019, Shout Factory announced the US/Canada release "The Complete Series" on Blu-ray and DVD. This includes 13 Blu-ray discs, including both series and extras, and, for the first 500 orders, a "limited edition Space: 1999 Snow Globe" with "an Eagle Transporter landing on the Moon, and has a 4-inch circumference and sits on a 2-inch base".

Other Countries

Die komplette erste Staffel

Italy DVD

Discs in various box sets formats have been released. [See Merchandise Guide]

France DVD

Discs in various box sets formats have been released, including the compilation movies. [See Merchandise Guide] and compilation movie guide

Germany DVD

Boxsets, compilation movies and Bluray. [See Merchandise Guide]

Silva Screen

Silva Screen CD
Silva Screen CD 2

Commercial (abridged) releases of Fanderson's Year One and Year Two CDs.

Fanzines, magazines and posters

Posters and blueprints

by Roberto Baldassari. Poster available from May 1999, blueprints from October 2000

See Moonbase Alpha Information Center.

Fab 64, Oct 2009

FAB (Fanderson fan club).
Fanderson merchandise includes back-issues of FAB, the Space: 1999 documentary video, soundtrack CDs (see above), novels (see below), authentic logo patches and vinyl stickers, and photos.

PO Box 12, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD10 0YE, UK

Fanderson merchandise is exclusively available to Fanderson members and is highly recommended. Accepts credit card payments.


An A5 fanzine covering all Gerry Anderson series, with regular Space 1999 content.

Andersonic (UK)


Sources include

  • Fanderson Members-only list, small selection
  • Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store (242 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011 USA tel 212 989 0869). Large selection but no catalogue. Ebay user: Jomms
  • Still Things. (9009 Big Plantation Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89143 - (702) 839-1878) Online catalogue, large selection
  • (formerly S & P Parker) (South Western Business Park, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3RH, UK, tel 01935 811000). Illustrated online catalogue, small selection (photos & photo sets).

Books etc

Powys Media

Powysverse Compendium

Powys Media published a series of new original novels based on Space 1999. All are now out of print.

Pulling Faces, Making Noises

Barry Morse autobiography. Foreword by Martin Landau. Available as e-book, paperback and hardcover (now out of print, but still listed as available in most outlets)

Remember with Advantages

A new version of the autobiography. As before, foreword by Martin Landau (same foreword?)

Book cover

Anecdotes and Armadillos

Zienia Merton autobiography. Of the 193 pages, over 60 are devoted to Space: 1999.

Book cover

A Constant Alien

by Catherine Schell. Released March 2016.

Autobiography, including her role in Space: 1999. Hardcover and audio book versions available.


Round 2/ MPC (US)

Sample prices for 14 inch and 22 inch Eagle 2 display model (where applicable):

Sixteen 12 (UK)

NB: Sixteen 12 no longer sells direct to EU, but Europe and US shipping can be in advance of UK, as items are shipped direct from China