The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Compiled by Martin Willey


The DVDs are either released in individual volumes (US, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany), box sets of each 24-episode series (UK, Japan, Australia, Portugal), or a box set of both seasons (US Megaset, France). Most are standard Amaray cases, apart from the first Italian volumes (a difficult 4-disc version, later a digipack), and the French digipack.

Most have 4 episodes per disc; the US and Italian have 3.

The Japanese box sets have a short but nice leaflet. Each of the 12 UK volumes has a short 4-page booklet including a brief history of the series. The Italian volumes have a 14-page booklet, although half is made up of an episode list. The others have no inserts.

A&E has some nice covers but is over-dependent on Landau and Bain. Carlton's packaging is more attractive, and features other actors. Unusually, the attractive Italian cover features an Eagle, with no actors at all. Weirdest cover is Spain's volume 2 (a UFO character). The most dull are the Japanese Season 1 sets.

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A&E DVDs (USA): Eight box sets each containing two volumes (2 discs, 3 episodes per disc). Also a Mega Set containing all 16 volumes (48 episodes).

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Carlton DVDs (UK): Twelve individual volumes (4 episodes per disc) or two box sets (Year 1, Year 2).

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Magna Pacific DVDs (Australia): Two box sets (Year 1, Year 2).

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Producciones JRB (Spain): Individual volumes (4 episodes per disc).

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TF1 DVDs (France): One box set containing two digipacks with 6 discs each (4 episodes per disc), plus a bonus disc.

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Pulp Video DVDs (Italy): Four volumes, each containing 4 discs.

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Pioneer DVDs (Japan): Two box sets each containing six volumes (4 episodes per disc).

Alien Attack

PVB DVDs (France): Two of the compilation movies.

Disc 1

EMS DVDs (Germany): Four volumes, each containing 4 discs in individual cases.

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