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Space: 1999 Years 1 & 2

Silva Screen, UK, SILCD1641, August 2021 £11.99

Double CD. The contents were also released on two vinyl albums, Year One and Year Two.

Silva Screen previously released Year One (FILMCD 608, 2004) and Year Two (SILCD1223, 2009), but these are new masters based on the Fanderson 2014 Year One 40th Anniversary triple-CD and 2016 Year Two 40th Anniversary four-CD.

The cover/booklet image is a variation of the Year One vinyl cover, with the characters, Eagle and moonbase slightly more zoomed in

Back cover and track listings.

Back of the booklet is the year 2 image.

Discs and inlay.

Year One disc

  1. Breakaway: The Dark Side of the Moon 2:13
  2. Space: 1999 Main Titles 1:12
  3. Breakaway: People are Dying up Here 2:21
  4. Breakaway: Massive Nuclear Explosion 2:12
  5. Breakaway: Human Decision Required 1:41
  6. Force of Life: The Entity 2:31
  7. War Games: We're at War 5:25
  8. War Games: A Plague of Fear 3:40
  9. Death's Other Dominion: Ultima Thule 1:09
  10. Dragon's Domain: The Ultra Probe 5:10
  11. Mission of the Darians: The Daria 2:13
  12. Black Sun: Asteroid 1:50
  13. Black Sun: Force Shield 2:16
  14. Black Sun: The Survival Ship 3:41
  15. Black Sun: Home 1:34
  16. The Guardian of Piri: Welcome to Piri 2:08
  17. End of Eternity: Balor's World 3:18
  18. Matter of Life and Death: The Prodigal Husband 1:23
  19. Matter of Life and Death: Too Good to be True 1:47
  20. Matter of Life and Death: Anti Matter World 4:19
  21. Matter of Life and Death: Paradise Lost 0:44
  22. The Infernal Machine: Gwent 6:24
  23. Another Time Another Place: Up There Again 3:56
  24. Another Time Another Place: Regina's World 3:29
  25. Another Time Another Place: Santa Maria 3:40
  26. Ring Around the Moon: Captives of Triton 1:39
  27. The Testament of Arkadia: Arkadia 5:44
  28. Space: 1999 End Titles 0:35

Year Two disc

  1. Space: 1999 Year Two Main Theme 0:49
  2. The Metamorph: Strange Light 3:01
  3. The Metamorph: Rendezvous in Space 5:59
  4. The Metamorph: The Death of Psychon 9:55
  5. The Metamorph: We're All Aliens 1:56
  6. The Exiles: Swarm of Space Bees 2:13
  7. The Exiles: The First Capsule 3:00
  8. The Exiles: A Kiss for Helena / The Power Room 4:41
  9. The Exiles: Return to Golos 6:16
  10. The Exiles: Make Me a Pretty Nose 1:11
  11. One Moment of Humanity: The Garden of Vega 2:38
  12. One Moment of Humanity: Seduction 6:15
  13. The Taybor: SS Emporium 3:57
  14. The Taybor: Transaction Complete 7:27
  15. Space Warp: Light Years Away 4:09
  16. Space Warp: Space Animal on the Loose 5:47
  17. Space Warp: Showdown at Copernicus 7:09
  18. Space: 1999 Year Two End Titles 0:34


There is a 28 page booklet, written and designed by Mike Jones. It has short articles on the series scenario and the making of the show and music; the track listings are short episode summaries with quotes. There are also lists of the musicians and the episodes (the episode broadcast dates are mostly ATV Midlands, with 2 Year 2 episodes being Granada).

SPACE: 1999 YEAR TWO (Silva Screen)

UK 3 September 2021;
Year One SILED1642
Year Two SILED1643
£24.75 each

The discs are in "lunar white coloured vinyl". The sleeves are gatefold format, the inside being a reformatted version of the CD booklet. The tracks are the same as the CD.

Photos by Gordon Moriguchi

Year One

Year Two

Copyright Martin Willey