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RCA cover

US 1976

"Composed, Arranged & Conducted by Barry Gray", but he was not consulted about its production. Two versions of title track at start of each side, followed by various background themes, arbitrarily given the titles of episodes. There are non-Barry Gray tracks, both library tracks by Irving Martin and Brian Dee: "Death's Other Dominion" on side 1 is actually "Funko"; "Black Sun" on side 2 (and the B-side of the single) is "Earthy".

The US edition has text on the bottom of the back cover with registration and copyright RCA 1976. The first printings had "Printed in the U.S.A.", later editions do not have this line.

The Canadian edition is identical to the US edition, with a maple leaf on the front cover top left, and the replacement of text on the bottom of the back cover in English and French "Manufactured and distributed in Canada by RCA Limited, Don Mills, Ontario".

Canadian edition Canadian edition Canadian edition Canadian edition

The track durations are different on the sleeve and on the label, sometimes by minutes.

It was reviewed in Variety, 14 April 1976.

Cover back
Track Title Duration
A1 Theme From "Space: 1999" 1:58 2:01
A2 Breakaway 1:26 1:23
A3 War Games 2:31 2:30
A4 Death's Other Dominion 2:45 2:42 "Funko" by Irving Martin and Brian Dee
A5 Dragon's Domain 1:42 1:40
A6 Collision Course 4:30 5:59
B1 Theme From "Space: 1999" (Reprise) 1:45 1:45
B2 Mission Of The Darians 1:13 1:13
B3 Black Sun 3:14 3:14 "Earthy" by Irving Martin and Brian Dee
B4 End Of Eternity 1:16 1:16
B5 A Matter Of Life And Death 2:47 1:47
B6 Earth Sound 2:01 2:01
B7 The Last Sunset 0:34 4:14

Album sleeve 31.5 x 31.5 cm, folding out to 63 x 31.5 cm. Cover features photos of Koenig, Helena, & Victor, & large logo. Interior when folded out is a montage of colour photos from Year One.

interior fold-out
RCA mobile

In US stores this was promoted with a large mobile, comprising the 12" album cover hanging from a huge 48" cardboard Eagle (actually a blown up photo of the green Dinky Eagle Transporter with "SPACE 1999" written in black letters on the pod side).

Promo sheet

A very rare promo sheet also existed, based on the album cover artwork with a large yellow banner "As Seen On TV" (thanks to Gordon Moriguchi)

Audio cassette ABK1-1422

The cassette featured the same tracks as the album.

click for larger image- thanks to Raja Thiagarajan click for larger image- thanks to Raja Thiagarajan click for larger image- thanks to Raja Thiagarajan

Single: Not For Resale, JB 10627

click for larger image (67k)

There was a promotional 45rpm single comprising "Theme From Space 1999" (1:49) and on side B "Black Sun" (2:44). The label notes "NOT FOR SALE".

Single: PB-10627

A commercial version of the promotional single, comprising "Theme From Space 1999" (1:49) and on side B "Black Sun" (2:44). Thanks to Danny Box.

Single: Black Sun DJL1-1771-A

A single-sided single "Black Sun 1999" was also produced ("Arranged and conducted by Barry Gray", although this is a Irving Martin and Brian Dee track). See image (thanks to Gordon Moriguchi)

8 track tape

8 track

There was also an 8 track tape version.

CD bootleg

A CD version of this album was produced by fans in 1998, limited to just 100 copies. An additional track was Adagio in G Minor from Dragon's Domain.

Espacio 1999 (Banda Sonora Original De La Serie De T.V.) (RCA, Ariola)

Spanish album

Spain, 1976.
Two versions, both dated 1976. RCA's Spanish label released a version of the US RCA album, with identical layout and catalogue number (the rear text is translated to Spanish). The Ariola edition has a new cover design and catalogue number, with only an English track listing on the back.
RCA S.A. ABL1-1422
Ariola Eurodisc S.A. 28.252-I

The RCA edition has "(Espacio 1999)" written under the English logo on the front, and the text "Banda Sonora Original De La Serie De T.V.".

The front and rear of the Ariola sleeve feature identical pictures of the Last Enemy battleship. Although it used the same master tape as the RCA album, there is less "compression" applied, so the Spanish version is better quality (thanks to Danny Box).

The Ariola edition correctly credits "I Martin and B Dee" for their tracks.

Spanish RCA cover Spanish RCA cover back
Ariola front Ariola back Ariola

Space 1999 (RCA, Turkey)

Turkey, 1976
RCA ABL1-1422, Melodi 782
This Turkish edition has the original English text on front and back, including the original US catalogue number (ABL1-1422) and an additional number by the Turkish printers, Melodi Plak (Melody Records), 782. It is a normal LP sleeve, with no gatefold.

On the back cover there is no ITC logo or credit, and the Koenig photo is more cropped. Thanks to Dan Box.

Turkish cover Turkish back cover Turkish label A Turkish label B

S.O.S. SPAZIO 1999 (ATV Music Italiana)

click for larger image

Italy 1979. ATVN 432
Italy 1979 LSN 1045

45 rpm stereo record containing a song based on the series, composed by F. Migliacci, C. De Natale & M. De Angelis. Sung in Italian by Oliver Onions. Side A is 4 minutes, 6 seconds; side B is an instrumental version lasting 3 minutes 59 seconds. Released in Germany on the CD "BEST OF OLIVER ONIONS".
Record sleeve features publicity shot of Satazius and Hawk in combat

There is another 45 rpm record of the song "SOS Spazio 1999" played by BOYS GROUP (DUCK RECORD S.r.l.) (1979).

click for larger image

Boys Group single (thanks to Stefano Guizzardi)

Space - Oliver Onions (RCA)

Germany, 1977, PB 6092. 4 minutes, 13 seconds.

This English-language song was used as the end-title for Destination Moonbase Alpha, lyrics by Hilary Harvey, composed by Guido and Maurizio de Angelis. It was a 7 inch vinyl record, with side B being another de Angelis composition, the title song for the 1977 Italian film known in German as Zwei außer Rand und Band (in Italian "I due superpiedi quasi piatti", in English "Crime Busters").

The sleeve artwork is not related to Space: 1999 - it is from a Perry Rhodan comic book, "Perry - Unser Mann im All" #80. The sleeve does not mention Space: 1999, but the label refers to the series (using the German title "Mondbasis Alpha 1"), although the track is from the compilation film, not the series.

Thanks to Ekmar Brand.

Space - Oliver Onions Space - Oliver Onions label

Flieg mit mir (Raumschiff 1999) - Berry Sarluis (Crystal)

Germany, dated 1977. 006 CRY 32 692

This is a German language version of the Oliver Onions end title for Destination Moonbase Alpha. The singer was Berry Sarluis, a Dutch singer based in Germany. The title translates to "Fly With Me (spaceship 1999)". The cover features a photo from Voyager's Return.

Thanks to Ekmar Brand.

Flieg mit mir cover Label


Disco Date

Japan 1977; Y600.

A side: Japanese series theme (3:10)
B side: Japanese end title song, by Tsunehiko Kamijoh (3:18)
Photographic cover, with Eagle crashing in lunar surface top, Koenig & Helena in front of Big Screen (Year 2 publicity shot) below. Sleeve includes music score

Back coverRecord

SPACE: 1999 YEAR ONE - Music From Gerry Anderson's Film and TV Shows (Silva Screen)

Silva Screen Year One

UK 15 March 2013; £6.99

Limited edition of 700 of which only 200 are held back for a box set. The set comprises five different 7 inch vinyl releases of Barry Gray music (for Record Store Day, 2013). Each is coloured vinyl - the Space: 1999 edition is white.

Re-released in 2022 in the compilation Music from the World of Gerry Anderson (Zavvi/Silva Screen).

SPACE: 1999 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Ennio Morricone (Mondo - Death Waltz)

USA 9 August 2017; $30
Manufactured by Death Waltz Recording Company, a division of Mondo Tees, LLC, Austin, TX USA.
Manufactured in the EU.

Two disc coloured-vinyl based on tracks from Penta's CD release.

More details

SPACE: 1999 YEAR TWO (Silva Screen)

Silva 2021 Year One Silva 2021 Year Two

UK 3 September 2021;
Year One SILED1642
Year Two SILED1643
£24.75 each

Two separate vinyl releases, on white vinyl. Also available on cd


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