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Compiled by Martin Willey

There have been many covers and compilations of the Gray Year 1 theme and, less frequently, the Wadsworth Year 2 theme. The most common versions are:


UK 1997. SUMCD 4098

Performed by "The Unknown". Track 15 is a cover of the Gray theme. Horribly discordant at times, but at least it is recognisable, which is a lot more than can be said of other covers on this compilation. 2 minutes long.

The leaflet text by Michael Heatley


UK Sept 1997 VTDCD151

2 CD set, track 5 on CD 1 is original Barry Gray Year One theme, taken from the film soundtrack. The album is a mixture of original recordings (several Barry Gray tracks here are from the 1985 No Strings Attached album), sound taken from film (variable quality, some are muffled but the 1999 track is good), and cover versions.

VTDCD 151 VTDCD 151 back

The same track appears on the follow-up This Is... Science Fiction (Virgin, 1999, VTDCDX 262), another 2-CD set on disc 2, track 8, with a little later the 1978 Geoff Love version as track 20.

VTDCDX 262 VTDCDX 262 back


US/UK 1997 Compact Disc FILMXCD 191

2 CD set; tracks 16 & 17 on CD 1 are the Gray and Wadsworth themes, arranged and conducted by Year Two composer Derek Wadsworth, with the City Of Prague Philharmonic. The 20 page booklet has notes on page 8 by David Hirsch (it incorrectly states the series had 52 episodes). The CD/booklet cover is an anaglyph stereoscopic image, and the CD includes cardboard anaglyph glasses.

An account by Wadsworth of the recording is in FAB #31 p6-8.

Cult Files Reopened Cult Files Reopened

There have been several reissues, mixing tracks from this album and its predecessor ("The Cult Files", 1996). Not all include 1999, but the following do.

Ultimate TV Themes 2 (Crimson CRIMCD199, 1999) is a single CD with track 13 being 1999.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, THE A-TO-Z OF FANTASY TV THEMES (Silva Screen) (UK August 1999, TVPMCD 806, £10.99) is a 2 CD set. Track 26 is the year 1 Gray theme, track 27 is the year 2 Wadsworth theme. Credited to the City Of Prague Philharmonic conducted by Paul Bateman, although the Wadsworth conducted tracks are used.

Battlestar Galactica

100 GREATEST TV THEMES (UK April 2000, TVPMCD 807) is another Silva Screen compilation with 4 CDs. The tracks are in alphabetic order, so the Gray theme arrives on disc 4, track 3.

100 Greatest Tv Themes 100 Greatest Tv Themes

GREAT BRITISH TV THEMES (Silva Screen) (UK 2011, SILCD1357) is a 2 CD set. The Gray theme is CD 2 track 8.

Great British Tv Themes Great British Tv Themes

Cult TV Themes (UK 2008, Metro METRDCD633) is another 2 CD set

CULT THEMES FROM THE 70S Volume 2 (Future Legend)

UK March 1999. FLEG 12 CD. £8.99

Covers by new acts. Track 2: Space 1999 by Ambassadors of Om

FAB, Music From The TV Shows by Barry Gray (Silva Screen)

UK 1992. Compact Disc: FILMCD 124. Tape cassette: FILMC 124

An album of themes for Anderson series with new arrangements, played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Konstantin Pavlov. All are Barry Gray themes with the exception of the Space 1999 track, which is the Derek Wadsworth Year Two score. The 3:37 long track, arranged by Colin Keyes, includes some incidental themes and is fairly faithful. Wadsworth was asked to arrange the theme but was unavailable at the time.

FAB Cover FAB back cover FAB CD FAB leaflet FAB leaflet FAB leaflet FAB leaflet

Reissued in Japan as Worlds of Gerry Anderson (Apollon Inc, Japan 21 July 1992, APCF-5117, 3200yen).

Track 2: Space 1999. The CD includes a Thunderbirds/IR sticker. Reissue of FAB, Music From The TV Shows by Barry Gray, FILMCD 124 by Silva Screen. Thanks to Patrick Zimmerman.

Fab Grooves - the easy listening soundtrack of tomorrow

Fanderson, UK, 30 September 2017. FANLP01

Launched at the Special Assignment convention, this is a double vinyl album of Barry Gray and Derek Wadsworth incidental scores. It includes a single CD containing all 37 tracks (about 80 minutes). Vinyl was enjoying a resurgence in 2017, as CDs went into sharp decline (the big winner was digital streaming). The gatefold album had a 16-page full-sized booklet, with biographies of Barry Gray and Derek Wadsworth, and listing the tracks. There are no Barry Gray Space: 1999 scores; there are 4 Wadsworth scores.

See also Fanderson's Music From Space City (1993), Sleeping Astronauts (2004) and International Concerto (2005).

  • Side A, track 2: We're All Aliens (extended)- Wadsworth. 2:54
  • Side A, track 5: Sore Loser - Wadsworth. 1:47
  • Side A, track 11: Make Me A Pretty Nose - Wadsworth. 1:05
  • Side D, track 8: Zarl's Dance - Wadsworth. 3:11

Booklet pages.


US 1996 GNPD8051

Performed by Neil Norman. Cover of Gray theme. The focus is general television series, rather than science fiction film, but the SF TV tracks including 1999 and UFO are possibly a reissue of from Greatest Science Fiction Hits with new material.

Fantastic Television!

GREATEST SCIENCE FICTION HITS - Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra

US: GNP Crescendo Record Co, GNP 2128; 1979, $7.98
UK: PRT Records Ltd, NCP 10003 (a compilation of US first album & volume 2), £2.99
33 rpm stereo L.P. record, cassette and (US, 1988, $16.95:) compact disc

1 minute 57 second adaption (initially faithful to Year One theme, with drum-roll, then into synthesised pop with no connection with series). Track 1 on side 2 of US album; track 8 of side 2 on UK album.

US edition GNP 2128 US edition GNP 2128 back cover UK edition NCP 10003 UK edition NCP 10003 back cover

This cover version also appears on the 33 rpm stereo record compilation "Galaxy Gold" - Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra (UK: Chevron, CHV 189; 1980) and on the CD "Sounds Of The Universe" - Neil Norman (Germany: Delta Target, CD 11067; 1984 -deleted 1988; also contains Year Two theme, see below). In France it was issued as "Les Grands Themes De La Science-Fiction" (432002) by Vogue in 1981 (disc A side B track 1).

Galaxy Gold CHV 189 Sounds Of The Universe

In Japan, the 2 CD edition was released as SF Themes Best Collection "Hip-Hop-SF Movie" K19Y 4077/8 by King Record Co. Ltd in 1988. CD 2 tracks 14 and 15 are Space 1999 Year 1 and 2.

SF Themes Best Collection Hip-Hop-SF Movie

This was reissued in Japan as SF Themes, KICP 8069-70 by King Record Co. Ltd on 5 November 1991

SF Themes KICP 8069-70 SF Themes KICP 8069-70 back

In Germany, it was released as a 2 CD set, The World Of Science Fiction, 11091-2 by ZYX Music in 1997 (title is in English). The Gray theme is track 10 in CD1; the Wadsworth theme is track 7 on CD2.

The World Of Science Fiction, 11091-2

GREATEST SCIENCE FICTION HITS VOL 3 - Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra

US: GNP Crescendo Record Co, GNP 2163; 1983, $7.98
UK: Precision Records & Tapes Ltd, NCP 702 1984; as "Volume 2", £2.99

33 rpm stereo record, cassette and (US, 1988, $16.95:) compact disc
Track 2 on side 1 is 1 minute 31 second faithful adaption of Derek Wadsworth theme
Back of sleeve includes colour photo of Dragon
This cover version also appears on the CD "Sounds Of The Universe" - Neil Norman (Germany: Delta Target, CD 11067; 1984 -deleted 1988; also contains Year One theme, see above), and on the 45 rpm stereo single "Indiana Jones, Raiders, Land Of The Giants, Space: 1999 II" - Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra (US: GNP Crescendo Record Co, GNPS 833; 1988; $1.98).

UK volume 2 UK volume 2

The Heisenberg Diaries - Book A: Sounds of Future Past - Docker's Guild

Italy, 21 January 2016, Lion Music (digital), Rock Company/Black Swan Records (CD)

"A collection of vintage sci-fi movies and TV series soundtracks reworked in the Docker's Guild style." Docker's Guild is a "prog metal space opera superproject". Barry Gray's Year 1 theme is track 1, Wadsworth's Year 2 theme is the last track, track 14. Intervening tracks include Flash Gordon, UFO, Babylon 5 and Doctor Who.

Docker's Guild

INTERNATIONAL CONCERTO and Other Classic Themes (Fanderson Records)

Fanderson,UK Dec 2005. FANS12 "Original TV Soundtrack Sampler"

Membership bonus from the Fanderson fan club (not available for sale, even from the club). With a card cover. A mixture of tracks from other Fanderson and Silva Screen CDs, new tracks and new mixes. The five Space tracks are from the Fanderson Year 1 and Year 2 soundtrack cds (track 12 appears in a truncated form on the Silva Screen cd). See also Fanderson's Music From Space City (1993), Sleeping Astronauts (2004) and Fab Grooves (2017).

  • 12. Ring Around The Moon 6.45
  • 13. Alpha Child. 4.10
  • 14. Year Two Main Theme. 0.48
  • 15. The Emporium. 4.48
  • 16. Make Me A Pretty Nose. 1.28
International Concerto International Concerto back International Concerto interior International Concerto disc

ITV 50: CULT THEMES (Virgin)

UK October 2005. 2 CD set. VTDCD748 £12.99

Disc 2 track 19 is the original year 1 Gray theme.

ITV 50 Cult Themes ITV 50 Cult Themes

MUSIC FROM SPACE CITY (a Kindred Production for Fanderson)

UK: Fanderson, 1993 FANSC3 (£8.50)

24 minutes. Composed and produced by Paul Westerman and Tim Newnham.

Music composed for Fanderson conventions and videotapes, including Psychon (for 1992 Psycon convention) and Darkside (for 1991 Alphacon video). Launched at September 1993 Space City convention.

Front and rear cover features colour photos from Space 1999 Year 2 (Koenig and Helena in Command Centre on front; Texas City control room on back) plus the Space City convention logo, the circle and triangle design from Space 1999.

Music From Space City Music From Space City back Music From Space City leaflet Music From Space City leaflet back Music From Space City disc

OH SUPERMUM - Frank Sidebottom (Regal Zonophone)

UK 1986, £1.59
45 rpm stereo single: 7" no. Z41; 12" no. 12 Z41; 7" picture-disc ZP41

Frank Sidebottom was a comedy character created by Chris Sievey who appeared on television and radio in the mid-1980s to 1990s, wearing a round fibreglass head. The 2014 film "Frank" starred Michael Fassbender was based on Sievey.

Side b has "sci-fi medley" including 10 seconds of 1999 theme (year 2, though credited to Barry Gray; freely adapted)
Back sleeve includes colour art of "me in a moonbase alpha suit".



UK 1990, £6.99
33 rpm stereo L.P. record (STAR 2430), cassette (STAC 2430) and compact disc (TCD 2430).

Cult TV shows are a rare breed but in the 60s Gerry Anderson broke all the rules by coming up with smash after smash from Thunderbirds and Stingray through to Joe 90. Power Themes combines those classic Anderson animation themes with the legendary cult programmes including The Prisoner, The Saint and the Persuaders. But Power Themes goes further than that, much further, take those basic themes and put them in the hands of some of the country's best mixers, and you get the best ingredients of the original themes and the contemporary sounds of the dancefloor. Power Themes- remixed for the 90s and into the 21st century.

Dance-type remixes of ITC action series, particularly Gerry Anderson themes. Track 5 on side 1 is "Space: 1999: The Alpha Mix", produced by Justin Sherry for Fine Balance. Based on Year 1 theme, it opens with original crescendo, then becomes freely adapted version of music with fragments of dialogue from the movies and some episodes. The chorus is Helena's "It's ingenious", "It's insane" (Victor), "It's a longshot" (Koenig), all from "Black Sun", with the Chairman (Patrick Allen) from "Alien Attack" saying "Moonbase Alpha". The voices of Sandra, Alan Carter and Ben Vincent are also used. The track lasts 4 minutes. The sleeve/ packaging features a small photograph of Alan in agony as his brain is drained, from "The Metamorph".
Videos of several tracks from the album were also produced and released on a video of the same name, but a 1999 video was not made.

STAR 2430 front STAR 2430 back

The 1993 CD release from Ronco Silver (CDSR022) drops the "90" from the title. The leaflet folds out to 24cm x 24cm. Ronco was a sub-label of Telstar.

CDSR022 CDSR022 back CDSR022 leaflet (cover side) CDSR022 leaflet reverse

This was released in Japan in 1991 by J!Mco records (JIM 0038) with the same cover as the UK version (and same English text), with an additional foldout leaflet in Japanese. As is common in Japan, the CD has a paper strip folded over the left side called an obi (or tasuki), which includes price, catalogue numbers and track listings.

JIM 0038 cover JIM 0038 back JIM 0038 Inside JIM 0038 Japanese leaflet JIM 0038 obi strip

In 1992 this was released as a box set (4.75" by 8") of 6 mini CDs by J!Mco records (CDs numbered individually JIM 1007 to JIM 1012). Space:1999 was on CD 5, track 1 with a Danger Man track (CD number JIM 1011). There were no photos in the accompanying booklet (CD 5 has pictures of Straker from UFO). The box set included a small snap-together plastic kit of Virgil Tracy and Thunderbird 2.

JIM 1007-1012 cover JIM 1007-1012 contents JIM 1007-1012 mini-CDs JIM 1011 disc cover -with Straker from UFO

Later, on 25 December 1992, J!Mco released a second version of the box set (JIDM-29004), this time a flat 12" square LP-sized sleeve with slots for each CD. The individual CD numbers are hidden by a "FAB" sticker.

JIDM-29004 cover JIDM-29004 1999 disc

There were numerous Japanese releases in different formats in 1992, without the 1999 track. Thunderbirds vs Stingray is JICM-89003 (5th April 1992), Thunderbirds Are Go! is JIDM 29001 (21 May 1992); Thunderbirds and Stingray Mega-Mix is JICM 89003; Thunderbirds Theme Remix was six tracks including Scarlet and UFO, and the plastic kit re-issued on 1 November 1992 as JICM-89144.


UK July 1996 EMPRCD 655

Performed by the London Theatre Orchestra. Recorded, edited and mastered at CTS Studios, Wembley, by Mike Brown and Gordon Lorenz.

Track 7 is a cover of the Gray theme with a very twangy electric guitar. 1 minute 54 seconds long.

Sci Fi Themes Sci Fi Themes

Also issued in the compilation THEMES UNLIMITED (Emporio/Music Collection) (UK August 1997. EMTBX309). 3 CD set ("Themes from the screen", "Blockbuster themes" and "Epic Themes"). CD 3 ("Epic Themes"), track 15 is Space: 1999 (Gray theme). 1 minute, 50 seconds.

Themes Unlimited Themes Unlimited Themes Unlimited

Cult TV Themes (Emporio EMPRCD 783, 1998) is a single-CD release with track 8 being Space: 1999.


BMG France 1997, CD # BM 680 74321480232, also LP versions

Track 8: "COSMOS '99" (5:11) dance remix by Ollano. A version of Gray Year 1 theme.

Serialement Vôtre


Fanderson, UK June 2004. FANS11 "Original TV Soundtrack Sampler"

Membership bonus from the Fanderson fan club (not available for sale, even from the club). With a card cover. A mixture of tracks from other Fanderson and Silva Screen CDs, new tracks and new mixes. See also Fanderson's Music From Space City (1993), International Concerto (2005) and Fab Grooves (2017).

  • 6. We're All Aliens (from The Metamorph. As on Year 2 soundtrack) 2.57
  • 9. The Last Sunset (new mix). 7.06
  • 16. Year One Main Theme (new mix, on the Silva Screen CD). 1.12
  • 18. Strange Light (from The Metamorph. As on Year 2 soundtrack) 1.41
Sleeping Astronauts And Other Space Themes Sleeping Astronauts And Other Space Themes back Sleeping Astronauts And Other Space Themes interior Sleeping Astronauts And Other Space Themes disc

SPACE: 1999 - DJ Lisa Alison & Alex Baraldi

Italy, unknown date. 12" vinyl record. Fox Records - X002

Progressive house/techno remix of Barry Gray theme.

  • Side A:
    • Eagle 1 6:52
    • Eagle Dub 5:18
  • Side B:
    • Spettrale Alien Mix 5:33
    • The Black Hole Mix 5:21
Record sleeve Record sleeve


UK Feb 1998 ETDCD 008

Performed by the Outer Limits. Track 17 is Space: 1999 (Gray theme). 1 minute, 21 seconds

Space Moods

STAND BY FOR ACTION - The Music Of Barry Gray

UK May 2009. SILCD1279

Covers all Anderson series scored by Gray. The 1999 tracks are from the Silva Screen Year 1 soundtrack in 2004.

  • track 37 - Breakaway introduction
  • 38 - Space:1999 titles extended
  • 39 - Space:1999 Medley: Ring Around the Moon, Another Time Another Place, Black Sun, Matter of Life and Death
  • 40 - End titles
European version Japanese version


EMI Music For Pleasure Ltd; LP: MFP 50355. CD: CDMFP 6395
UK 1978, £1.25

Geoff Love (1917-1991) was a well known UK conductor and composer. In the late 1960s and 1970s he had a popular series of film and TV compilation albums for EMI Music for Pleasure. This Star Wars title was followed the same year by another, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and other Disco Galactic Themes.

33 rpm stereo L.P. record: track 5 on side 1 is a jazzed up version of Barry Gray's theme (lasting 2 minutes 22 seconds). Reissued on CD (CDMFP 6395) in 1997.
The sleeve painting includes version of an Eagle (with fins) behind 2 Star Wars figures who look nothing like Mark Hamill or Carrie Fisher, and a very different version of the Star Trek Enterprise. The inaccuracies were deliberate to avoid rights issues; EMI had been sued by Eon when Geoff Love's Bond Themes album included a painting of Roger Moore (the second edition had a painting of the back of his head).

Geoff Love Geoff Love back

The track was also included as track 5 on side 2 of An Hour Of Superthemes - Geoff Love & His Orchestra (EMI Hour Of Pleasure), stereo cassette HR 41811034 (UK 1986, £1.99), which also uses the same cover painting and combines the Star Wars and Close Encounters albums. The cassette was in a 9.5cm x 17cm card box with an ordinary cassette case inside.

Superthemes box Superthemes box back Superthemes Cassette cover Superthemes Cassette cover inside

It was released in Turkey in 1978 as Space 1999 and other space themes. The Star Wars title is rather crudely replaced by Space: 1999. Star Wars wasn't released in Turkey until 1979, so Space: 1999 would have been more recognisable. The album code (MFP 50355) is identical to the UK release. Thanks to Patrick.

Turkish release

THEME FROM SPACE: 1999 - Cosmopo-Lys

Italy, 1999. 12" vinyl record. Streetlab Records - SLAB 003

House music remix of Barry Gray theme. Produced, arranged and mixed by Lys

  • Side 1:
    • "Theme from Space 1999" (Extended Mix)
    • Feelin' Again
  • Side 2:
    • "Theme from Space 1999" (Instrumental)
    • "Theme from Space 1999" (Big Beat Mix)
Record label

Theme From UFO/Space:1999 - The Preservation Society

Austria, 20-Oct-2014. 7" vinyl record. Record Shack - RS45-007

Vintage funk remix of Barry Gray theme. "T.P.S." comprises Hammond organist Andy Fairclough, guitarist Leigh Gracie, bass player Richard Hindes, Nick Etwell on trumpet. Stephen Wilcock on Sax and Neil Robinson on drums.

  • Side A:
    • UFO Arranged By Leigh Garcie
  • Side B:
    • Space: 1999 Arranged By Andrew Fairclough
UFO cover Space 1999 cover Label Promo leaflet

Time Of Adventure

Ennio Morricone (BMG 1997) 4321315512

Track 4 is the title music for Spazio 1999, the Italian version of Space: 1999. 4 minutes 20 seconds.

Time Of Adventure Time Of Adventure Time Of Adventure leaflet p2-3 Time Of Adventure leaflet p4

TV Dizi Film Müzikleri (S & S)

Turkey 1978. 40054

"TV series and Film music". Vinyl record.

  • Side A:
    • Carli'nin Melekleri (Charlie's Angels)
    • Uzay 1999 (Space: 1999)
    • Jetgiller (The Jetsons)
    • Zengin Ve Yoksul (Rich Man, Poor Man)
    • Küçük Ev (Little House on the Prairie)
  • Side B:
    • Pembe Panter (Pink Panther)
    • Kaybolan Adalar (Disappearing Islands)
    • Acemiler (Nymphs)
    • Bir Köpeğin Serüvenleri (A Dog's Adventures, possibly Run Joe Run)
    • Mutsuzlar (Unhappy)
TV Dizi Film Muzikleri

TV THEMES Vol 2 (ABC Records)

Australia 1985. LP: L 38417. CD: CD 38417. Tape cassette: C 38417

Side 1 track 8 Space 1999. Ref: The Gerry Anderson Memorabilia Guide (Dennis Nicholson) p313.

Music from the World of Gerry Anderson (Zavvi/Silva Screen)

UK/web August 2022 LC07371

Zavvi is a UK based website run by the Hut Group (the name was originally a brand name of Virgin retail stores, which collapsed in 2008). This compilation is a re-release of the 7 inch vinyl releases (Silva Screen, 2013) packaged together as a Zavvi exclusive, limited to 500. All five records are included, retaining the 2013 covers (with updated copyrights) and coloured vinyl. There is a new slipcase cover, and 5 "exclusive art cards" (postcards), one for each title.

Music from the World of Gerry Anderson cover Music from the World of Gerry Anderson back cover Music from the World of Gerry Anderson contents Music from the World of Gerry Anderson 1999 cover Music from the World of Gerry Anderson 1999 vinyl

Appendix: Incidental Music

Gerry Anderson Evocation
EMI Songbook Classics (EMI March 15th 1999)

Includes Albinoni's Adagio amongst Gerry Anderson's favourite music. Also includes an Eagle on the artwork cover.

Gerry Anderson Evocation Gerry Anderson Evocation

Gravure Universelle Dance and Mood Music by Jack Arel (Virgin 1997) CDV 2831

Track 19 is Arel Dutour's Picture Of Autumn from Testament Of Arkadia (5'05").

The Prisoner volume 2

Includes Roger Roger's Lunar Landscape

The Classical Collection volume 4 (CHP 156)

includes Appassionata composed by Serge Lancen as used in Testament Of Arkadia

Grands Travaux
Roger Roger, The Metropole Orchestra

Track 15: PROFONDEURS (Lunar Landscape) (1963) 2:53.

Alien Invasion: Space Above and Beyond II
Silva Screen FILMXCD 190

Includes Holst's Mars. The booklet notes (by David Hirsch) attribute this primarily to Space 1999 Space Brain.

Appendix B: Music referencing Space: 1999


S.P.O.C.K: 1999

Swedish science fiction influenced synth-pop. The 1998 album Speed of Light contains the track Human Decision Required: lyrics "Suddenly: explosions near the moon base! Totally unpredicted but definitely self-afflicted. And when we ask for a little help from our friend, the only response we get is "Human Decision Required"

The 1999 album S.P.O.C.K: 1999 referenced the series both in title and the stylised Moonbase on the cover.


YCB track "Space: 1999" on album "Full Gaz" (2015)

A British funk band, also influenced by science fiction (the band name comes from the film Alien 3).


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